Take a look at part of the CBS propaganda machine in action

CBS had a nurse crying, talking about quitting because America is so unprepared for this crisis, the implication being that trump is a bad commander.

Here she is.

ht/ Mr. Pinko, C. Steven Tucker

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  1. She’s right, in the fact that we don’t have 350 million hospital beds, 350 million medical practitioners, 350 million caskets at the ready and a serum already proven safe and effective for the Chi Com virus! BTW, what has the medical profession and so-called expert practitioners been doing the past many years to anticipate and prepare for this world wide pandemic? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. My kid who lives in Vancouver,BC has been a medical office
    assistant for several years. The job is basically administrative and she takes weight, BP, etc. Not a nurse in any way but she knows how the system works.
    She watched things come apart and in her office
    her warnings were ignored though most came from the
    College of Physicians as recommendations on handling
    the Virus. Nothing was implemented. She got sick as
    a dog for 2 weeks and still doesn’t know if it was CV19
    as no test kits are available.
    She told me she is glad she never took the step into
    nursing because she is getting away from any work that
    is related in any way to the direct treatment medicine
    fields because what she has seen has so disgusted her.

  3. Damn, with a face that ugly and lips that huge, the face mask is required long after Covid is just a memory.


  4. My daughter is a veteran surgical tech
    and she is scheduled for rotation in a
    covid19 unit of Texas Med. Uni.So far she
    said it is empty and quiet.UTMB Galveston
    is prepared!

  5. They’re out there. Last evening I watched a YT video on how to sew a mask, some bink, Nicole, posted America what a sh__hole country for having more covid19 infections than China with a much lower population.

    Earlier today I talked to a former fellow employee, who is still working in hospitals. He confirmed the hospitals he goes into are indeed laying people off. Because most routine procedures are canceled, yet the hospitals have no or only 1 patient with Wuhan virus.

  6. Such a liar. Changed the channel immediately when this originally aired as I was channel surfing.
    She must be auditioning for a lead role in a Hollyweird feminitwit pronoun movie.

  7. This reminds of that jackass who was crying about Britney Spears a few years ago. It’s obvious those are fake tears. What a disgusting asshole.

  8. This poor thing is Wuhan Bat Soup crazy. I hope she gives up her day job for the sake of her fellow sufferers.

  9. Hey QB (Quitter Bitch). At least Dr. Kevorkian stayed with his patients until the very end.

    Oh. You’re a SHITTY “actress.” Thanks for quitting your day job. 🖕🤣🖕

  10. TheGatewayPundit exposes this woman as a near total fraud.
    Which makes CBS “News” a total fraud.
    CBS: This looks bad for Trump – let’s just run with it – no vetting needed

  11. Good thing about this; when the time comes to start removing communists, we won’t have far to go to find them.

  12. The recent wave of new travel nurses are the ones lured by promises of $95/hr.

    I got nothing for this bitch

    Additionally…. ICU nurses are some of the most controlled people I know. Shes no ICU nurse. #AttentionWhore

  13. What on God’s green Earth is that? Fat ass, fat lips and creepy contact lenses.
    Phony as a $3 bill.


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