Take a ride in Maxine Water’s Congressional District – You Wouldn’t Know This Was America

Keep voting in the left.

Also, Nancy Pelosi Town-

San Francisco logs over 16,000 feces complaints in 1 week

What has the left done for these areas after being in their control for decades?


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  1. “What has the left done for these areas after being in their control for decades?”

    Answer: The same as the people who live there, NOTHING!

    Government is people. The “government” people do not live there. The only way that area gets cleaned up is if the people who live there clean it up.

    The amazing thing is the L.A. diamond district (where a lot of businesses are that sell diamonds) is a couple of blocks from where that crappy area is.

    Lots of mentally ill and drug addicts live in that area. In the old days they would put the mental cases in institutions and the druggies in jail. Can’t do that anymore in California.

  2. My brother and his wife went to San Fran for a vacation…..lasted 2 hours. It was so nasty they changed the plan to visit Yosemite and Vegas. The crap (literal) on the streets was overwhelming. The run a dog boarding place and said their kennels were cleaner and the dogs were better behaved than the homeless roaming the streets.

    To be fair, national politics didnt create the problem but the local, liberal policies that attract this trash makes it real easy for Pelosi to stay elected. Marxine gets elected because she is black and talks trash……….just like her constituents.

  3. And the reason it looks like that is that it’s her district! She’s really been doing a bang up job.

  4. Whats more the pity is anyone making an effort to change things will be met with uncontrollable rage by the likes of people like Maxi. They have things just like they want it.

  5. Once again I say just look at every run-down, shot-up, burned-out, poverty-stricken, crime-ridden, rat-infested, urine-soaked, feces-friendly Sh*t-hole city controlled by corrupt Rat politicians rewarding cronies with public funds, establishing hostile business environments, heavily taxing the most productive citizens and setting up fat pensions for their union friends when they sell poor Blacks their fabricated “Racism” and Hope & Change® Snake Oil (New & Improved with even more Free Shit!) every time there is an election… because, you know, these politicians “really care” about the poor! The people aren´t any better off than they were over a half century ago down on the Plantation of division, filth and misery, but it sure has kept democRATs in POWER!!

  6. Every Black Congressional Caucus member should be held to account for the condition of their districts. As a long time Atlanta resident I can tell you that John Lewis district has done nothing but deteriorate in the decades he has been “a leading civil rights” figure representing it. While his district has fallen deeper into shitholery, the surrounding Atlanta area has become a vibrant international city attracting mega companies, investment, sports teams, entertainment and the Olympics.

  7. I’m thinking the people who are living on those streets don’t get to the polls to vote. The people who vote for her either don’t live on that street or are dead.

  8. Page, thanks for the new word!

    Shit-ho-le-ry (noun)
    Living conditions of filth, squalor and hopelessness, when presented as acceptable, or used as a political weapon against those who are not responsible for said conditions. Synonyms – Detroilet, Baltimore.

  9. “I’m Waters and this is my World” vote Democratic with a picture of Maxie. That is how it should have ended

  10. “I’m Waters and this is my world” Vote Deocratic with a picture of Maxie. That’s how it should have ended

  11. It is now common knowledge that waters does not live in the district that she has been elected to represent. That means that waters can not vote for herself in an election. She does not even represent herself. Someone else, who lives in the same district that she lives in, does that. She is nothing more than a mercenary.
    waters needs to be asked, on camera, if she voted for herself and where she voted in the last election.

  12. The people of the district get the type of leadership and representation they voted for…..I have no sympathy whatsoever for them.


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