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Take Note Republican Hopefuls

Say what you will about Chris Christie as Presidential material, he’s all attack dog once he’s found a topic to his liking. In a challenge to Hillary Clinton to clarify her love of Planned Parenthood, Christie has clearly marked his territory.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie walks onto the stage at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012.  (AP J. Scott Applewhite)

The rest of the Republican pack had better start baring their teeth or risk letting Christie claim this issue as all his own.


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  1. With those stripes on the back wall, he looks like he’s taking a punch at the photographer of his prison picture.

    And he’s “marked his territory”? How? I hope the janitor can clean up the wet mess around the urinal.

    As for ever even THINKING about voting for Mr “No Second Amendment”, not a chance either side of hell.

  2. Going after Hillary for her professed love of PP should be a no brainer for any Republican candidate looking for an easy plus with Pro Life voters.

    If the CMP keeps the videos coming and the spot light keeps burning brightly on PP’s back alley organ harvesting business, then any candidate tied to the butchers should suffer the same fate as they eventually will.

  3. I think JEB has irritable bowel syndrome over his prospects tonight. I picture him strapped to a toilet in a Cleveland hotel room right now.

    I hope he shits himself onstage tonight.

    I think he will.

  4. Integrity is how a person behaves when they think nobody is looking.

    Christie does well when he’s talking about a subject he likes; talk to him about a subject he doesn’t like and see how he performs.

    He was all cozy with Obama after Hurricane Sandy when he thought nobody was watching. That spoke volumes.

    He’s anti-gun, and it’ll be something he won’t want to discuss in a large televised forum.

    Christie is a political hack, just like Bush; just like Perry, and just like Hillary.

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