Taking a tea and cake break

To watch pets do goofy things on Doc’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Doc!

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  1. Happy Birthday Doc, maybe someday we all can have a tall cool one at the Long Branch. 🥳 🎂 🎉

  2. doc…ya gotta have b’days more often. that was really fun!!! many happy retuns. may all your days be filled with ‘animal-cute’.

  3. Bad_Brad
    Matt is busy rounding up and locking up Democrat’s. 🤠
    Wishful thinking, silly me. 😁

  4. Miss Kitty

    Hopefully he’s working on the Wayfair child trafficking thing. Google. It will blow your mind.

  5. Happy Birthday, Doc! And Thanks to MJA as that was a terrific video and MUCH needed on my end as well!

  6. Happy birthday Doc. Looks like Rose made you a peach blackberry cobbler thing that’ll get a big scoop of vanilla.
    You’d better hurry. I can make quick damage. I’ll try to save you a bite.

  7. Happy Birthday to You, Doc!! And many happy returns of the day!!!

    Hope you have a special day and enjoy life’s little pleasures.

    AA & Geoff C. the Saltine

  8. Happy Birthday Doc , hope you are staying cool in the red rock country. 65 to 75 here in the NW.
    Love Abigail Adams an Geoff C.

  9. …once again, hide a celebration of God’s greatest gifts behind a false wall. Can’t just say “DOCS BDAY YALL”, no, gotta cover it with cute animals and only give the man a “by the way”. It’s like you’re trying to keep the riff raff out, or someth…

    …oh, I see. Well, here I am anyway, nyaa nyaa!

    …all kidding aside, Doc, I am absolutely in awe of you, even from what little backstory you’ve chosen to share. You ran out on BATTLEFIELDS, UNARMED, AND SAVED LIVES UNDER FIRE OF PEOPLE TRAINED TO KILL YOU!!! THEN DID IT AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND…

    …all right, I’ll stop yelling, but what a remarkable double portion of courage AND skill the Lord visited on you to deal with the WORST threats the world has to offer! Thank you for your honorable service and your dedication to duty, if you’re not already tired of hearing that as much as you SHOULD…

    And you got to go home, TOO! Truly you are blessed…

    …and what a blessing you’ve BEEN, too! How many live today that would have died but for you? How many of this nation’s children owe their existance to you? How many grandchildren? How many lives did you make possible for each one you saved? Dude, when you get to Heaven, you’re gonna need an ARENA for the Lord to show you off to all your fans in!

    But not for many years, though, no, you’re not getting out THAT easy! Today is about another year of Life, and I hope you’re spending it just as you like with those you love, and may your days be golden, your evenings filled with laughter, and your night with the best of the rest.

    You’ve earned it.

    …and don’t forget your iOTW fam, neither, we NEED your incisive wit and your iconic, uh, icon to help keep US sane, TOO! Seems you’re still in the saving biz, different battlefield, different tools, but same basic gig. Will you NEVER not be needed?

    May the Lord bless and protect you, carry you safely through the killing fields of life and protect those you hold nearest and dearest, and let you live as many years among us in blessedness until you tire of this yourself, and lay your trophies down to claim your Heavenly home.

    In Jesus’ name I pray,

    Happy Birthday, Doc.

    God Bless,

  10. I’ve already wished you a happy birthday on Facebook, but I guess another wish won’t hurt. Y’all should see the picture he posts on Facebook for MY birthday every stinkin’ year. I want to slap that geezer into next week. Love ya, Doc!

  11. Thank You All for the kind words…even though I don’t feel any older, but then again it could by my NEUROPATHY since I normally can’t feel shit anyway! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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