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Taking Down the Mainstream Media in 140 Seconds

The mainstream media is actively working against the American people. And I’m not afraid to call them out.

h/t Horrorman18

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  1. The media reports that the Mt. Rushmore developer had ties to the KKK, but ignore they voted for Robert C. Byrd for over 1/2 a century.

    Are they aware of who Bryd was? Obama went to his funeral.

  2. HELLO!
    in the last election we had awesome memes, in this one we’ll have “24/7 in your face truth from every angle imaginable”, and yet the lame stream media will still get it all wrong. 🤣 again.

  3. Who is this guy? Why isn’t he on every news? channel? Oh, wait, he is against everything that the mainstream is for.
    I want more!!

  4. Scolding the mainstream news media is a wasted effort, it has absolutely nothing to do with reporting the news for the benefit of the public.
    It exists for the sole purpose of manipulating the viewers and controlling the narrative.
    Until more people come to that realization nothing will change.

  5. The Main Stream Dementiacrat Media know what is best for this country. They’ve got thousands of investigative journalists waiting to discover what’s in Donald Trump’s tax returns and none of them trying to discover what’s missing from Dementia Joe Obiden Bama’s brain. The MSDM have studiously ignored all of the biggest news events of the last four years in order to stack the deck for their masters. There is almost no free press in this country. They are Pravda and the Ministry of Propaganda in one vast Leftist Movement to fundamentally transform this country. They are the real enemy of the people and the truth.

  6. Holy Moley — that is one serious GLARE he has — I don’t think he blinked once!! I have been following him on twitter for about a month but did not even THINK to look for youtube channel. Subscribing now.


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