Taking Out Obama’s Chess Pieces

The fundamental strategy of chess is to protect the king. Monica Crowley’s recent piece in The Hill reads like a distorted version of the game. While willing pawns tried to  protect their king, they were also busy defending the queen and the collective agenda of fundamentally shifting the nation to the left. While they cheated and violated the rules during their turn, the discovery of the misbehavior may ultimately cost them the game.

The question remains whether the players will be able to take out enough of the opponents’ pieces to bring about checkmate on the black king and his progressive legacy.  More 





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  1. The linked headline reads:
    “Federal abuses on Obama’s watch represent a growing blight on his legacy”

    This post asks:
    “The question remains whether the players will be able to take out enough of the opponents’ pieces to bring about checkmate on the black king and his progressive legacy.”

    While those are the boundaries of the “field of play” the answer to both is: No. Not even close. The opposition, being the loyal opposition, can’t even find the stadium… with Google’s help. Obama’s legacy is being the first black(ish) United States President. And maybe that Nobel Peace Prize. He’s still black(ish). Is there even drunken, dreamy discussion, amongst the loyal opposition, of declaring a “do over” of the entirety of those eight years? Hey, how’s that Peace Prize recall coming along?

    Did Obama issue an Executive Order, nullifying Civil Service and dismissing the entirety of the federal street soldier army? Replacing them with his own, Chicago street soldiers? And their Chicago ways? Or were those loyal, made, xen already visiting The Party’s extrafully judicial displeasure upon the enemies of The State? And what does the, ever, loyal opposition propose as reprisals for these Party business as usual attacks? Business as usual?

    Let’s be honest… simple… simply honest: If treason is, ever, the taking up of arms to overthrow The Constitution of The United States, and treason is a capital offense, then there’s no one left with the authority to carry out the sentences. Now, proles, do you prefer lethal injection, while the nomenklatura touch themselves, or do you prefer the oath keepers of The Constitution kill your family while you watch, before they kill you, and the nomenklatura touch themselves? See, you’ve got a choice. Elections, of those The Party places on the ballot, have consequences.

  2. If the forces that blatantly abused their trust aren’t checked by sending as many as possible to prison, then there is no telling what the next corrupt administration will be able to get away with.

    If we let our republic suffer this level of erosion without patching up our institutions of government through the proper application of the Constitution then we will be headed the way of the Romans find ourselves are under the complete subjugation of a latter day emperor.

  3. @Dr. Tar February 13, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    > If we let our republic suffer this level of erosion

    If you’re part of the solution, then you’re not part of the problem.


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