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Talcum X Upset For Getting the Same Treatment He Dishes Out


Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King threatened to inflict “pain” on two New York Post reporters in a series of posts to his millions of followers on Wednesday.

“I know where you live. Where you used to live. Where your family lives. Where they work,” King wrote in Instagram posts directed to New York Post reporters Kevin Sheehan and Isabel Vincent. “And a few thousand other people know now as well.”

King, who has been frequently accused of being a grifter by his fellow BLM activists, has a history of doxxing people he falsely accused of committing violent crimes.’


Houston man Robert Cantrell hanged himself in a jail cell in 2019 after King falsely accused him of murdering a 7-year-old black girl in late 2018. Cantrell and his family received death threats after King posted Cantrell’s mugshot on social media, called him a “racist, violent a**hole,” and falsely suggested he was responsible for murdering Jazmine Barnes.

Cantrell was in jail for unrelated evasion and robbery charges when he died from an apparent suicide. Barnes’s killers, Eric Black and Larry Woodruffe, were ultimately apprehended and convicted. Black was sentenced to 30 years in prison, and Woodruffe was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

In May 2018, King falsely accused a Texas state trooper of raping a black woman during a traffic stop. The trooper was vindicated a few days later after video evidence was released showing he did not assault the woman.

King threatened to dox the New York Post reporters after the Washington Free Beacon reported Monday that King had purchased a $40,000 designer guard dog with funds donated to his political action committee.

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  1. May he meet the same fate as his buddy Malcoimn X: Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21, 1965, at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, New York. Three members of the Nation of Islam—the religious group to which he had once belonged—were convicted of his murder.

    His very own did him in.

  2. He’s just one of Twitter’s protected shit stains who can freely dox and publicly threaten anyone who disagrees with him.

    But yeah, Alex Jones….

  3. Never call this grifter “Shaun King”.

    Not with all these more accurate names to choose from…


    “1) Talcolm X
    2) Thurgood Partial
    3) W.E.B. Du Blanc
    4) Martin Luther Cream
    5) Hueless P. Newton
    6) Fraudrick Douglass
    7) Mayo Angelou
    8) Stevia Wonder
    9) Scamuel L. Jackson
    10) Honkey Kong
    11) Snow J. Simpson
    12) Jaleel White
    13) Bet-He White
    14) Thurgood Marshmellow
    15) Richard Dolezal
    16) Whack Panther
    17) Ghost Malone
    18) Martin Luther Keyboard
    19) Iggy Apalea
    20) Chalka Con
    21) T’Chalka
    22) Pale Revere
    23) Powder Ranger
    24) Harriet Taupeman
    25) Nelson Manyellow
    26) Stevie Wonderbread
    27) Cream Abdul-Jabbar
    28) Tupac Sugar
    29) Crooker T. Washington
    30) Milk Chamberlain
    31) GoFundMe Washington Carver
    32) Reverend Jesse Fraction
    33) Django Uncolored
    34) Count Chalkula
    35) James Pearl Jones
    36) Alexander Scamulton
    37) Albino Sharpton
    38) Blankson Hughes
    39) Neil DeGrasse Youwhiteson
    40) Taupe Bruh Winfrey
    41) Louis Fairaskin
    42) Samuel L. Nonblackson
    43) James Fraudwin”

    Well said, MrErnestOwens.

    Well said.

  4. Pretends to be black and whines like a mother clucking white woman!
    Bet this Karen’s pronouns are she, her and hers

  5. @SNS

    To add to the list of funny names, here is another.

    I have nada against Frederick Douglass, but I couldn’t resist:

    Frederick Dug-the-Lash

  6. Funny thing about that Shaun King guy is that HE IS NOT BLACK. His family have confirmed he’s WHITE and trying to cash in on any amount of notoriety and grifting black people and others via his founding of some swindling “PAC” targeting the gullible and naive to give him money. The very-white and pretentious Shaun King is the counterpart to his fellow impostor and female Rachel Dolezal who was exposed as a white woman who pretended to be black and in doing so successfully she manipulated a position as heading up a NAACP chapter plus fraud in applying for and stealing school loans meant for legit black students. Dolezal dyed her skin and wore assorted wigs to falsely “blend in”, fooling all NAACP members and associates. Just as with the white Shaun King, Dolezal’s family confirmed she’s white and couldn’t understand why she would make false claims. The answer to that of both King and Dolezal: GREED. Neither King’s PAC members or Dolezal’s former NAACP employers have called out either impostors for fear of the embarrasment and exposure of fraud.


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