Talk Of Civil War Will Rise Again

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In June, we counted 23 articles written about the prospect of a new or cold civil war in the United States. In July, that number doubled to 46. That’s no mere “uptick.”

Right or wrong, these prognostications from both Left and Right are significant for what they reveal about the nature of the political division in the United States. Interest in this topic will only increase as we approach the election in November and whatever lies beyond it.

For this reason, we are launching a website dedicated to collecting and cataloging all the news and opinions on the prospect of a new civil war. We do not aim to be alarmists but to bring attention to the fact that both Left and Right are talking about this topic, and to make it easy to follow that conversation.  More

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  1. There’s already skirmishes in the cities. Not until they bring the fight to the heartland will there be war, and they know to leave the heartland alone because the results would be devestating.

  2. The evil and corruption of democrats is now completely intolerable. They’re flat out communists now. They have no interest at all in continuing the bill of rights nor even pursuing equality under the law. They are fascist traitors, and if they’re allowed to take full control of this country, then a bloody civil war will literally be a better option than waiting for the pack of insane ugly ass dikes, demented soy boys, and crazy niggers to come to your door to destroy your life that day for shits and giggles. Fuck that and fuck them.

  3. The divide has gotten bigger under Trump because we were supposed to have elected Hillary and meekly submit to totalitarian rule. Trump is not causing the divide — it was accelerated under the post-racial President.

    If there is a civil war, it will be as bloody as is is short. The reason the ANTIFA gang is able to do as much as it does is because it is allowed to. If a war were to break out, the majority of the country will know its hand are not tied. That majority is more skilled, more disciplined, and more dedicated to preserving the Union than the “What do we want? We don’t know! When do we want it? Now!” Crowd.

  4. Well, Trumps playing three D chest again. Brilliantly. He keeps setting the Libtards Mayors and Governors up and the keep letting him st the hook. What Seattle resident in their right mind would vote for anything with a D behind it? Granted there’s a lot of them not in their right mind but who the hell would want to live in those cities? And Biden buys right into it. Trumps goal is to let the Democrat party destroy itself and it looks to be working. The risk comes if he can’t defuse ANTIFABLM. And then we will. It’ll be short lived.

  5. Bad_Brad: The people may not vote for anyone with a (D) but you can’t forget all those ballots from the broom closets.

  6. RadioMattM

    A constant concern. I’m really hope Trumps gotta plan. The Libtards will play every dirty trick they know.

  7. When Biden cannot but stare, the new President and VP candidates will Electrify the voting public, a new Dawn proclaimed 24/7, Confetti, Cheerful laughing talking heads, free Everything, yes Everything Free, Covid gone, Hope now that Trump will be given 1000 years in Prison, The Wall partially left to commemorate the evil power of racism, Trump voters Doxed and hunted down, China sent money to garner their forgiveness , Iran too…Wonderful, Wonderful and new legal citizens by the millions…so much more …Hillary and Michael, will save the world and make it green..Best hope is Biden stays and picks a mean VP..

  8. We are already in the middle of a civil war started by the demonrats. They tried to fix the 2016 election, so sure that their media accomplices and voter fraud would assure a hiLIARY win and that would be the end of the US as a sovereign nation. They could continue to rape the nation while giving our freedom away to globalist monsters.

    Plan A didn’t work out, so you know what happened next. Plan B – whores matter and then the Russia hoax. That didn’t work, so then we went to shutting down the country with a fakedemic and destroying the economy. And of course the demonrats brownshirts trying to shut down free speech and burning down vulnerable neighborhoods while pretending they care about people.

    So yeah, I think we are already having a civil war.

  9. We have absolutely nothing in common anymore. You can’t unite two groups that can’t agree on anything. They hate America, how can you unite with a group that hates the country they live in? You can’t. And the war has already started, we keep trying to co-exist meanwhile they slap co-exist stickers on their car but physically attack anyone they disagree with. We just have to beat them at the ballot box and marginalize them. If they really thought they were going to win legitimately in November they wouldn’t be doing everything possible to undermine the integrity of this election and get mail in cheating implemented.

  10. I didn’t spend all that money on a Remington 308 rifle and Leupold scope just to hang it over the fireplace. Anything inside of 300 yards is mine.

  11. Just know, leftards, that when you FINALLY provoke incoming, we’re NOT stopping until you’re ALL dead. 😡

    You have been warned…

  12. The Obama administration attempted for eight years to goad the Right into violent protest, while enabling Occupy and BLM.

    Civil war is the plan. You must destroy something before it can be rebuilt. To quote Massachusetts AG Maura Healey, “Yes, America is burning, but that’s how forests grow.”

  13. @ACParker – but they didn’t plan on the fact that we are not like them. And we know who/what they are, but they do not understand who we are.

  14. To the recent buyers of firearms – did you get enough ammo for your friends and relatives also?

    You don’t want to do this alone.

    And 300 yards with a .308?

    It’s capable of much more. Get some practice ammo and more room to practice in. You’ll be proficient at 1/2 mile before you know it.

  15. Study the French Revolution to gain an understanding of the leftist filth, and what they are capable of. I can suggest the Vendee genocide as a good place to start.

    “The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’ — this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.” –Aldous Huxley

  16. Dadof4>
    Oh, I know that, but 300 yards is my circle of total confidence of 100%/2-inch patterns, more like 1-inch at 100 yards. Unfortunately, we don’t have ranges beyond that. I live in the national forest and the trees get in the way.

  17. As for me, I sleep blissfully, weapons at hand and 25 minutes from Richmond. I don’t fear these Tantrumists.
    If they try to find me? I will find them first.

    Go home pee pee pants. Mommy warmed up Mac and cheese and a pop tart for you.

  18. It’s the numb-minded people, (the easily indoctrinated sheep), that allow the commies to further their cause because they, (the sheep), lack confidence because of their own failure to seek the truth.

  19. What’s all this talk on the web about the West Coast seceding? I suppose they could call it ‘Utopia’ (and bring your own feces bags). After it happens, the Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death forces under the command of General Bad_Brad will wipe-out the Communists and rename the new country to ‘Liberty.’

    Of course, Seattle Zombies will be slaughtered and the new mayor-elect will be AbigailAdams! Mwaahaha!

    Islee’s government will be pureed in a big blender and the new governor-elect will be JDHasty! Buhwamaha!

    And old Jimmy will have died in battle because today WAS a good day to die!

  20. @ Mickey

    “Unfortunately, we don’t have ranges beyond that. I live in the national forest and the trees get in the way.”

    I hear ya. That is the hard part for me, also.

    Like your Remmy, my Savage 10fp is a tack driver. My sons say it feels like they’re cheating somehow.

  21. Dof4: I have a 10 “fp” too. And an almost as accurate LR308 too. I was at the range just last Saturday spanking the smaller than head sized gong at 400. Sie 165 MKs in the 10 FP and Rem 150 PSPCLs in the LR. I’ve hit head sized rocks at 988 lasered yards w/ the 10 FP rom a good rest, 3 out of 4 shots in a light crosswind. Could be interesting…

  22. Just look at the White South African farmers to get an idea as to what they’d like to do to conservatives here

  23. American heartland civilians are kitted out with small arms better than the Russian’s military soldiers were when they stopped the Nazis and ran their ass back to Germany. The Goddamned ANTIFA punks better keep it in the cities.


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