Tammy Bruce: A national scandal is unfolding before our eyes

Tammy Bruce calls out ‘unscrupulous’ and ‘greedy’ teachers unions.

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  1. The U.S. already had low rankings in math and science. Imagine how these two years of no school are going to affect them.

    All part of the plan.

    2021 – the year of epic uprisings? I talk to random people in stores who are ready to blow-up The Soviet State of Washington.

  2. BTW – if you’re seeing very slow loading of the left column here (which I am), it could be Amazon’s AWS service, much of which went down earlier today (without knowing how your DB access is structured).

  3. there were no kids in public school this year and yet my school taxes are more expensive than they were last year

  4. The corruptocrats who guaranteed the teachers’ enviable pensions can be the one who does the ‘splainin’ when they are nullified.

    They can feel the burn that we private businessmen have when our healthcare and life’s savings were ground away from us.

  5. The real fun is coming. We have a year of the government hosing out money vs almost a year of shutting down all avenues that are taxed, the source of the money they are hosing out.

    Almost every source of taxes; income, sales, business, luxury, excise and so on is going to fall very short next year.

    THAT’S when the genius of AOC economics will smack them in the head.

    But never fear, the goal is that government will bail you out. Then, first they own your soul as partners, then as sole owners. NO private property, unless you are part of the commie cabal.

    But of course the raids on savings and retirement accounts will come first. How dare you think that you can hoard funds, when we will have millions of NEW (formerly ILLEGAL) citizens who need EVERYTHING you have worked your ass off for all of your life!

    Plus don’t you dare think badly of the elite living it up while America turns into a third world environment! After all, they ‘have to keep up appearances!’

    As to teachers; shove the whole school district up where the sun don’t shine.

    Every parent doing forced home schooling needs to pull their child out of the public school district and OFFICIALLY declare you are home schooling! It’s the ONLY way to break their per student funding.

    What a scheme they have: You educate your child, they invade your home, virtually and they get paid.

    Benefit for the education commie bastards? They also can send the cops to your home, if your kid eats his peanut butter sandwich into a weapon of “Mass destruction”: “Well, it looks like an atomic cloud’”, said the teacher., “plus I’m allergic to peanut butter, so that’s a threat! Lock them up!”

  6. Biden will NEVER be president. POTUS Trump vowed this country would never become officially Socialist while he has breath in his body.

  7. Ya’ know, it occurs to me that if we’re not going to have in person instruction and rely on online teaching instead why do we need teachers at all?

    Recent advances in AI systems would seem to be able to do a more efficient and effective job of online learning using AI instructors and would make teachers obsolete except in rare instances.

    How would the Teachers Unions respond to this idea?

  8. The teachers unions are why we have generations of citizens hating this country.
    The police unions are why we have bad cops causing a racial rift in this country.
    Neither union will allow it’s members to be fired, not without only the most egregious transgressions.
    Unions are communist contrivances.
    Somewhere in the world, retired KGB agents are watching what’s going on here thinking, “Holy crap…it worked! It just took too long!”


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