Tammy Bruce: De Niro’s crude attack on Trump proves liberals are beside themselves that he keeps winning

FOX: Courtesy of actor Robert De Niro, we finally have an admission that the Trump-hater agenda has moved from stupid “resisting” to mindless rage. Gone is any pretense that President Trump’s opponents are genuinely concerned about policy or about the condition of the country.

On Sunday night at the Tony Awards for Broadway productions, De Niro was brought on stage to introduce singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen. But the moment De Niro got to the microphone he attacked President Trump, using a vulgar invective favored by juvenile bullies.

“I’m gonna say one thing: f— Trump,” De Niro said. At that point the 75-year-old star of the upcoming “War with Grandpa” pumped his fists into the air. “It’s no longer down with Trump, it’s f— Trump!”

Said on the eve of the Singapore summit, who knew that President Trump working for world peace would so infuriate De Niro?

De Niro’s outburst illustrates why the blind and irrational hatred of the president that has infected some on the left is called “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

The crowd cheered De Niro’s obscene comment, with what appeared to be half of the audience giving the insult a standing ovation.

In some television close-ups of sections of the crowd, you could see that not everyone was joining in on the fun. One shot, for example, showed a woman with her hand over her mouth looking horrified. Others sat gobsmacked, not applauding and certainly not standing.  more here

8 Comments on Tammy Bruce: De Niro’s crude attack on Trump proves liberals are beside themselves that he keeps winning

  1. “Dear Broadway,

    There are lots of families who voted for Trump who save to take their kids or wives to see stage productions either traveling to NYC or when the productions come to their hometown – they are your bread & butter. I don’t think you understand that you’re losing them.”

    Salena Zito

    Correction Ms. Zito, with all due respects (she wrote a great book about why POTUS won).

    Not losing…more like LOST a looong time ago…


  2. ‘Dirty Grandpa’ De Niro was the perfect metaphor for the demprog socialists … an impotent old fossil that can’t even lift his arms above his head to curse someone

    “… like an old man, trying to send back soup at a deli”

  3. If tough guy Denerdo was any kind of real macho he’d make his point by running on his sword. That’d be sumthin’.

    But he’s not real man enough to do that, so I gotta ask, “Did you hear somethin’, ’cause I heard nothing. A little puggly man was waiving his arms saying nothing.


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