Tammy Bruce! That’s all that needs to be said

Tammy Bruce Drops Truth Bomb On Liberal Journalists About Why Women Support Trump. [Video]

Author and Trump supporter Tammy Bruce was on Face The Nation this weekend and was asked about women who support Trump. Liberal journalists just don’t get it but Tammy set them straight.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

Tammy Bruce: I Prefer to Be Offended By Trump On Occassion Than To Be Left For Dead By Hillary

TAMMY BRUCE: It’s really good we’re not electing a husband or a boyfriend isn’t it? We’re electing a president. If you look at him as if you’re in the ambulance and you’re going to the trauma center and there is a trauma surgeon, I’m not going to particularly care how that person is going to be speaking. That person is going to be able to get you to live another day, to be able to get out of that emergency room, to be able to function the next day.  MORE

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  1. You go, girl !!
    And anyway, if a woman is “offended” by anything Trump said fifteen years ago, I don’t know how they haven’t fainted dead away, in the wake of the Clintons’ crimes against women !

  2. I saw the liberal men’s testicles collectively burst wide open under the table when Tammy dropped that truth bomb!

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