Tampa police officers unwilling to work Beyonce show

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WT: The Tampa Police Department is having trouble getting officers to volunteer to provide security for Beyonce’s upcoming concert, following the pop singer’s controversial Super Bowl halftime performance of “Formation,” which many critics have argued is anti-police.

Typically, off-duty officers volunteer to work concerts and sporting events for the extra income, but none have signed up to work security for Beyonce’s April 29 concert at Raymond James Stadium, which is expected to sell out, a local Fox News affiliate reported.

Police spokesman Steve Hegarty couldn’t say whether the lack of signups signaled officers’ anger toward Beyonce, but explained that the department still has “plenty of time to fill those slots.”  MORE

Singer Beyonce performs during the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on February 3, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Singer Beyonce performs during the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on February 3, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Oh btw, there’s a collection of unflattering awesome photos of Bouncy.

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  1. Anti-Beyonce emotion aside, what police officer would want to put their life and limb on the line for a Beyonce concert? If anyone needs security, it would be the law enforcement volunteers.


  2. I worked a number of concerts back in the day. For Bouncy, I’d let all the gang bangers know that her concert is open territory for any beefs that they have against each other and they can settle them there without any interference.

    The Nation of Islam’s founder, Elijah Muhammad, makes about as much sense as Allah’s original poster-child, Mohammed. It’s all insane Satanic crapola.

    Adrift in prison, Malcolm responded eagerly when introduced to the Nation of Islam (N.O.I.) and the teachings of its imprisoned leader Elijah Muhammad. According to Muhammad, blacks were “the original man,” destined to rule the world, while whites were a race of devils created by a mad scientist whose time of power was fast coming to an end.

    So let the gang bangers rule over Bouncy’s concert, just like Allah intended.

  3. When I heard this this morning, I wondered if B’s career hit it’s pinnacle with that half time show.

    Security is going to be hard to come by now.

    I’d like to see her perform without the police from now on.

    That or apologize and promise to never do that again. HA! yeah yeah, I know.

  4. Looking at all those ugly women gyrating is like watching old Tarzan movies. Or maybe looking at old National Geographic magazines.

  5. “That’s one ugly dude” is the first thing that ran through my head, looking at those photos. First (and last ) time I saw B sing and strut around was that SB half time show. Unimpressed. Why do people think she’s so good?

  6. It occurred to me the cops have the perfect negotiating position.

    Higher risk = higher pay. She puts them all at high risk at her concerts.

    I do not hesitate to give a really high bid on a job I deem dangerous or just flat don’t want to do for whatever reason.

    Sometimes it’s that the potential customer is a nightmare and you just don’t want to deal with anyone like that on a regular basis. Life’s too short to fill it with assholes on purpose.

    Bidding really high is more professional than outright telling them “f**k you”.

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