Tank Boy Dukakis warns Biden to ignore the polls: ‘No guarantee of success’

One poll showed Dukakis up 17 percentage points on George H.W. Bush in late July 1988.


Michael Dukakis, the former Democratic Massachusetts governor who lost his 1988 White House bid to then-Vice President George H. W. Bush, is warning Joe Biden not to take polls showing him with a double-digit lead over President Trump too seriously.

A recent Fox News poll has Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, leading Trump 50-38 nationally as concerns grow over the coronavirus pandemic, racism and unemployment. He also leads Trump by 8.8 percentage points in an average of the latest national polls compiled by Real Clear Politics.

By comparison, in late July 1988, a Newsweek/Gallup poll showed Dukakis with a 55-38 lead over Bush, according to The Boston Globe. MORE

SNIP: Doesn’t matter what the polls tell you. Get your butt out there and vote!

14 Comments on Tank Boy Dukakis warns Biden to ignore the polls: ‘No guarantee of success’

  1. Lee Atwater saved Bush from squandering Reagan’s legacy and was rewarded by Bush not even going to his funeral.

    Saved him from squandering it for one term at least.

    But yea. Carter was foing to win. Dukakis was going to win. Kerry was going to win. Hillary was going to win. Biden’s going to win.

    No Republican is ever going to win and if they do its because they cheat because polls say so.

  2. The worse the polls look for Trump, the sweeter those liberal tears will be when Biden flames out on election night.

  3. They’re prepping the ignorants to believe Trump’s win ‘must have’ been stolen.
    If voting was all above board, we’d easily win…But it ain’t.

    Be DAMN sure to vote!

  4. Is joey walking into Polish people or walking into telephone poles. There’s a Pollock joke in there somewhere. Or maybe the polls are all wrong about him having a double digit lead over President Trump which I call bullshit.

  5. Seconded. Dukakis is a name I only expected to see in old newspapers used as cushioning for the dishes box stored in the attic.

  6. Yes, but Governor Dukakis actually had a brain underneath that helmet when he was riding around in that M1 Abrams Tank. Dementia Joe has been playing without a brain for so long that he doesn’t need a helmet to protect what’s not there, just a teleprompter and a compliant MSDM. Dukakis was a lot smarter than Poor Joey, and that’s before the Alzheimer’s Disease got so advanced. Know what I mean, Pony Soldier?


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