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Tapper Gets on Hillary’s Last Nerve

She did her best to act indifferent to the question about movie “13 Hours“, but when Jake Tapper asks the FBI question, you can see Hillary Clinton has had enough of the CNN interviewer.


Watch the “13 Hours” question Here

Watch the FBI question Here

19 Comments on Tapper Gets on Hillary’s Last Nerve

  1. Nothing to see here. The Pentagon is going to go after Patraeus retroactively, while Hillary runs for president.

    I’m sure she is going to grant him a pardon and full benefits once she is safely ensconced in the Oval Orofice.

  2. It’s just so scary that’ she’s gotten away with so much for so long and likely to continue.

    The idea of Justice has been perversely inverted.

  3. Where’s the fake laugh now, Hillary?

    I have the feeling that she fears the video of her trying to laugh off the importance of the question might end up in front of a jury in the not to distant future.

  4. Hey youse ain’t seen nuttin’ yet, just wait ’till she becomes El Presidente. For fook sake man, she’ll whipper snapper all of us.
    This is a phooken joke!

  5. it should be illegal for an arrogant asshole like this to be alive, much less running for potus of the greatest country on the fucking planet

    lord, forgive me for hating this bitch


  6. She looks as if she is calculating her chances of “disappearing” ol’ Jake.

    I didn’t think I could hate a politician more than Obammy, but I could have miscalculated my capacity for hatred.

  7. OK, here’s my fever dream.
    Hilary gets indicted, pleads out for probation. Bill fakes heart attack. Hilary drops out of race to ‘care for Bill’
    Biden ‘gets drafted’ and picks Fauxahontus as a running mate.
    After bitterly contesting the Democratic convention, Sanders starts his own party, and picks the ‘Rent is too damn high’ character as his running mate. Runs out of money in six weeks.
    Trump openly mocks Biden as senile to his face at the first Presidential debate. Biden calls Trump a Shitheel on live TV.
    At the second debate Trump pulls a Chevy Chase, mugging and lipping along to Biden’s foreign policy statements.
    Biden kicks over the podium and leaves.
    Trump orders dinner for the entire studio audience, invites the Radio City Rockettes, and the party lasts until one in the morning.
    Marco Rubio makes Elizabeth Warren look so bad in the Vice Presidential debate, she leaves politics to fail at Real Estate.
    And while I’m at it..
    Somebody gets hit by lightning playing golf in Hawaii

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