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Target announces temporary store closures in several states

KSDK: WASHINGTON — Target announced Saturday it would be temporarily closing more than 170 stores around the country, as protests heated up over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

The Minneapolis-based company stated “We are heartbroken by the death of George Floyd and the pain it is causing our community. At this time, we have made the decision to close a number of our stores until further notice. Our focus will remain on our team members’ safety and helping our community heal.” more here

SNIP: Translation-
It’s not our fault, it’s your fault.
We’re still WOKE Though. OK?

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  1. Are you telling me the tranny bathroom army, isn’t going full bore Korean shopkeeper for them!?

    Why that’s! That’s. That’s something. Taint it?

  2. I LOVE IT. Now, I hope these degenerates do the Hollywood elites next. Steal their shit, burn their homes, Not my kids not my future, Trump did try to save us. I only pray these ANIMALS are not relocated through out the country.
    I saw first hand the destruction of communities, when thugs were moved out of New Orleans aka Katrina.Pray, pray they keep that shit away. Trump needs to lift all gun restrictions. Arm up folks.

  3. If were up to me I would not rebuild in those cities where looters were allowed to destroy my business. I would consider having my corporate legal team prepare a suit against every city that allowed the unbridled rioters to destroy my business.

  4. Here’s the hilarious part: They have a Anti Trump deranged Hollytard that sells her kitchenware at Target, does ads for them, and she just donated over 200k of her own money (that target pays her lol) to bail out the rioters. The same rioters who destroyed target!

  5. Leave it the way they left it. Don’t repair a damn thing.
    Close all the stores that were destroyed forever
    Don’t fix the street lights or any signs
    Let the smell of piss replace the smell of prosperity.
    Start building jails like you just built hospitals.
    Send some rioters to jail for several decades and solve the farm labor problem

  6. “……..Some have been trashed.”

    ‘Most’ have been trashed since they favored transgender, homo, queer restrooms.

  7. If I owned a store and thought it might get vandalized I would put ex lax in all the food items. Then I would laugh knowing all the looters would shit themselves.

  8. nice of Target’ to announce there’s no employees in their stores … makes it easier for the looters peaceful protesters

  9. Pretty sure smart people evacuated all the high priced merchandise and it was evacuated in unmarked vehicles within the last few days. In the wee hours.

    Big screens? Gone. iPhones/iPads? Gone. Etc.

    It would be stupid to not do so.

  10. I would not re-build 1 fucking burnt out store in any city that was looted unless the city paid every penny to rebuild, employee lost salaries, ten years worth of insurance, and 5 years no property tax!

    Make your own fried fuckin chicken, steamed latte, air conditioned apartments, and grow your own food.

  11. Target is just a step up from Walmart in that the Karens and Shaniquas don’t shop in their pajamas.


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