Target raises minimum wage to $12

FBN: Target is hiking its minimum hourly pay for workers to $12 this spring, part of its multi-year strategy that’s meant to modernize and expand the company to become a major competitor in the era of Amazon.

That strategy includes raising the minimum pay to $15 by 2020, but also offering free two-day shipping, increasing the availability of its in-store delivery options and remodeling more than 300 stores around the country. In October, the discount retailer raised its minimum wage to $11 from $10.

“We’re making Target America’s easiest place to shop,” Brian Cornell, Target’s chairman and CEO said in a statement. “That means blending the best of our physical and digital assets to create new experiences for our guests and reimagining our network of stores into hubs for commerce and community.”

The company’s plan — which was announced Tuesday during its investor meeting in Minneapolis — comes in the midst of a national conversation about the minimum wage. Beginning in 2018, 18 states and 20 cities raised the minimum wage, ranging from $8.60 in New Jersey to $11 in California.

The campaign for a $15 minimum wage has been divisive. A study conducted by the Employment Policies Institute (EPI), which analyzed employment trends from 1990 through 2017, found that every 10% increase in the minimum wage in California has resulted in a corresponding 2% decline in employment for affected employees.  more here

16 Comments on Target raises minimum wage to $12

  1. Will they be selling the Alexa devices which laugh like Hillary?
    Will they still be catering to the trannies with their bathrooms?

  2. I couldn’t care less what Target does, I haven’t stepped foot in there since they caved on the bathroom issue. I hope they price themselves out of business.

  3. Wow, $12 bucks and hour and you can use any bathroom you want. What a deal …… I don’t go there regardless of the prices.

  4. They are free to pay their employees whatever they want, I still won’t shop there. Ever. It’s always seemed to me to be a Walmart for people who think they’re too good for Walmart , anyway.

  5. Wow! That’s $2 more than my wife made as the Manager of a Pet Store.
    That’s 4x what I made totin bricks (after my 6 month raise from $2.75).
    That’s 6.7x what I made working at the Ft. Myers mess hall.

    What a golden world this has become!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. If they think they can pay $30 and hour to entry level employees and survive, more power to them. They haven’t had any of my business since telling Marines to go to hell at Christmas time, and banning Salvation Army bell ringers. Target by us NEVER has a full parking lot any more. Hoping they have to liquidate and Salvation Army winds up with property.

  7. If the FED keeps up the current pace of counterfeitingfabricating money to cover government overspending (at least it’s slowed slightly under Trump) and thus devaluing the dollar, pretty soon we’ll all be making minimum wage.

    Of course that’s the goal of the Marxists/Progressives/Uniparty-RINO-democrats.

    Our local Target store shut down for good last month. Probably the beginning of the end. Progressive businesses tend to not do well.

  8. I used to love shopping at Target. You could always find what you were looking for there. That stopped somewhere around 2000. Whoever does their buying must be a 10 year old that only stocks their stores with boring childish merchandise. Plus all the active leftist policies meant to insult more than half their possible customers:

    Kicked out the Salvation Army bell ringers
    No longer labeling children’s clothing “girls” and “boys”
    Not allowing guns on the premises
    Allowing men in the women’s bathroom/changing rooms

    Last year, they called me to find out why I hadn’t renewed my store credit card. I told them all of the above reasons and they just sniffed at me and said that they will cancel my card. I said, “Good”, and hung up.

  9. They play no music/muzak in their stores.
    Background music takes some of the tedium out of shopping.
    Target manager says the employees cannot hear the announcements over the music. There’s a fix for that.

  10. One of my friends applied for and received a Target credit card with the intent to never use it. His reasoning was that it costs them (Target) money to issue it.

  11. A friend of mine applied for and received a Target card with no intentions of ever using it. His reasoning was that it cost Target money and human resources to process the card.


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