Target Receiving Harsh Criticism Online after Implementing Transgender Bathroom Policy


YoungConservatives:  Oh, Target.

People used to love shopping at your stores, but since you declared you’re cool with grown men sharing restrooms and fitting rooms with little girls, people aren’t as fond.

Go figure.

Check out some of the comments the retail chain is receiving on a number of their Facebook posts…

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18 Comments on Target Receiving Harsh Criticism Online after Implementing Transgender Bathroom Policy

  1. Never will shop at that horribly liberal store. First took away ‘suggestions’ of gender shopping. Now this. Their logo rings should be rainbow colored.

  2. Next time one happens to be in there PISS all over the seat. Then leave a note:

    “Sorry for the mess. I just got a penis attached to my vagina and I’m still working on my aim.”

  3. Target has catered to 1% of the population for years. Perhaps that’s the only customer base they want. They can have it and go tapioca.

    Target has a war on women and girls. I quit shopping there when they catered to the Occupy types and then to the Feminazi’s over toy classification.

    Target’s new business model appears to losing 99% of their customers. Must be Obamanomics at play. Will they get a gubmint bailout?

  4. Am waiting for the next quarters
    sales numbers. Remember what
    happened to S&W when they cut
    that deal to register their firearms
    with “Slick Willie”? BANKRUPT!

  5. What I want to know is what kind of lame brain CEO thought this was a good idea and who is on the board, Goofy and Jughead?

  6. Can’t begin to tell you how much this pisses me off. When I worked in Cleveland there was an adult parole office on the same floor as our office. Want to know how many times we encountered male parolees lurking in the women’s room? 100% were sex offenders. Management finally wised up, locked all the women’s rooms and gave employees keys.

  7. Gotta hunch Target HQ heavily infected with gay group thinkers who assume everyone is like them. How else can they explain being so far removed from reality? And they’ve been this way a long time. Buh bye Target.

  8. May this PC cop out to sex criminals and other deviates cost them their business and make them history.

  9. Haven’t gone to that joint since they kicked out the Salvation Army at Christmas time. Now they’re coddling these flamers???

    Looks like I made the right decision…

  10. Target’s Canadian experience was an absolute fail of epic proportions. The keys to their failure where arrogance, zero market research, inability to adapt to new conditions and a “fingers in your ears “Nanananana, I can’t hear you!”” approach to criticism. They lost over $1B…glad to see they have improved their understanding of their customers…oh…guess they didn’t.

  11. I doubt they made 0.000008 cents per year/ per store off of transgenders.

    Idiots are way over estimating how many people are trannies.
    They might as well be catering to space aliens.

  12. Space aliens are not so messed up in the head. They understand who they are and how their equipment is supposed to function. I have zero respect for the deviants and perverts who are sexually confused. They need intensive psychotherapy, not surgery.

  13. Cannot get my head wrapped around the imbecile that would approve this decision. No way we ever go into a Target again.

  14. Liberalism truly is a disease infecting the mind, heart and soul. It warps any semblance of rational thought and erodes the clear and moral distinction between good and evil. It truly is an amazing thing to behold. I mean, they truly believed that everyone would be in acceptance with this policy in their deranged minds. Twisted freaks!

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