Targeting leaders won’t deter Taliban’s jihad

LongWarJournal: The Taliban recently said that the US drone strike that killed its last emir, along with other targeted killings and detentions of its leaders, would not weaken its resolve. Rather, it is the Taliban’s “religious obligation” to continue fighting despite such losses. The Taliban stated that the West has been mired in Afghanistan for 15 years because it has “failed to understand the psychology” of the jihadist group.

That statement was published on Voice of Jihad’s English language website on June 13. Voice of Jihad’s English language section was offline for three weeks and was restored on June 12. The Taliban have been slowly restoring content to the website.

The Taliban issued the statement in response to calls by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry for the group to enter in negotiations with the Afghan government lest the US continue to target more leaders. The US killed Taliban emir Mullah Mansour in a drone strike in Baluchistan, Pakistan on May 21 as he was traveling from Iran. The strike was the first of its kind in the Taliban stronghold of Baluchistan.

“The Taliban consider the ongoing struggle against the foreign occupation as a religious obligation (Jihad) and are willing to face all kinds of hardship to accomplish this,” the Taliban responded to threats of further attacks on its top leaders. “They consider any hardship in this struggle including being tortured, injured, imprisoned or dying as means towards gaining their Lord’s pleasure. Death in this struggle amounts to martyrdom in their eyes.”  more

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  1. How does killing one goat-raping muzzie shitbag stop the others from being goat-raping muzzie shitbags?

    Does killing a snake make all the other snakes stop being snakes?

  2. Tsunami,
    No, no nukes. I prefer either long acting radioactive dust or a long term heat resistant biological agent (virus), dusted by air drop over Mecca/Medina just before the hajj. Let the quoranderthals drop like flies by “the hand of Allah”.

    Let the objects of the quoranderthal’s affection (Mecca/Medina) be there, intact, so close, but just out of safe reach.

  3. Don’t worry Marie – you’ll get some good luvin’ too sweetheart. A few dozen times a day for the last miserable few weeks of your life.

    Islam – It’s what’s for dinner.

  4. The Crusades made them stop jihading by killing so many of their women and children that they knew they would die as a people.

    It could work again.

  5. They say you “can’t kill an idea”. But, it’s been proven many times that killing anyone who stands up and say’s the idea is good works just as well.

    The problem is the mythology that fuels this fire and it’s that mythology that must be destroyed, like the Nazi mythology. And that won’t happen by continuing to ignore it.

  6. as long as obama ties our military’s hands by suicidal rules of engagement, continues to target empty compounds and unmanned vehicles, they’re safe.

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