Taste- Testing Canned Fruit From 1962

This video was made to see if food this long would still taste and look the same, I don’t encourage anybody to try this for themselves.

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  1. If they were packed dried and stayed sealed, they would lose flavor and nutrient value but would be edible. Didn’t watch video, I assume that’s what happened.

  2. The Rolling Stones could rename themselves The Vintage Prunes since they’re all old and wrinkly now. And I Can’t Get No Satisfaction could be their theme since they need prunes to have regular bowel movements. And I tried and I tried and I can’t get no satisfaction…. It’s just the thing for their upcoming geriatric tour of Indian casinos and nursing homes.

  3. I think the most significant point about this is a can of Prunes, not peaches, pears or fruit cocktail, could have gone 57 years without ever being eaten.

  4. I worked for a company that tested can sealant and nothing lasted 7 years…risk of death on the toilet is great..

  5. In the 70’s I was in the Natn’l Guard and remember
    getting issued some C-rats dated from the late 40’s.
    Nobody wanted them but nobody died.


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