Tax Payers Shell Out Money For Perverted Fruit To Teach How To Give BJs

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This jerk “teaches,” and is paid, under the guise of “public safety.”

Yes, it’s very important to teach students how to give a proper blow job. MALE students. It’s a public safety hazard otherwise.

Campus Reform-

Francisco Ramirez, who has a master’s degree in public health and has provided sexual health training for organizations including MTV, the UN, and Planned Parenthood, taught the workshop as part of a college speaking series by the same name.

During the presentation, Ramirez used a series of GIFs to convey sexual tips ranging from how to give a blow job to how to apply lube effortlessly.

Unusual sexual advice was given throughout the workshop. Ramirez recommended that students ask their parents to purchase a mechanical hand sanitizer to dispense lube, for instance, and gave advice on how to prevent syrups from going inside a lover’s urethra when attempting the “ grapefruit technique.”


“If you’re going to be using the grapefruit technique,” he cautioned, “really make sure to use mild soap and water afterwards.”


The public health expert said that “most people have sexually transmitted infections, and that’s okay.”


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  1. At least public education is going back to teaching trades.
    One can at least survive charging for that skill.
    Not so much for a degree in Modern Prance.

  2. Just today I was trying to find current numbers on the amounts of gov’t waste, outright theft (fraud) and gov’t employee abuse of credit cards and budgets. I refuse to reduce something this important to the term “fraud, waste and abuse” as though it is a simple, single word that is almost pleasurable to say as it rolls off the tongue and off most people’s backs. Seriously. The gov’t, at all levels, considers these criminal practices to just be a cost of doing business and too bad for you, suckers.

    Anyway — it was that woman who is the wife of that man who occupies our WH and her windfall of 70 millions (MILLIONS) of OUR money to “empower” Pakistani girls. I’m still not over that!! What the hell! I know people who, in the prime of their lives, have not had career level employment since 2008!! The only bright spot for them is they pay little in federal taxes. It doesn’t make them happy. It really screws with their dignity, their psyche and their physical living situation. Some consider their working lives over and none of them think they will ever be able to retire. Ever. While that woman and her husband live high on the hog off the people, the people have had their lives disrupted to a point of no return. It makes one weep in anger, frustration and despair.

    The only figures I could find were from 2009 and the estimates for these crimes are absolutely breathtaking — sucks the air right out of your lungs. I can only imagine what those numbers are today.

    And then when these crimes are brought to light, even more money is spent in ineffectual “show” hearings. The criminals walk and it’s all chalked up to victimless crimes where there is no one’s head on the chopping block.

    We have taxation without representation in the clearest and most abusive way possible. Why are we still paying into this?

  3. I was 38 before I knew what a blow job was. Never had one. I don’t know any whores.
    I also had no idea that there were gay people or what being gay was, till I was in my late 20’s.
    That’s what happens when you grow up and stay in a small town.

  4. Now we can add “Public Health Expert” to the list of words and titles that no longer have any trace of logical meaning. Right up there with “American President”, “Women’s Healthcare”, and “Justice Department.”

  5. Abigail, don’t give place to wrath. There is a God and He says vengeance is mine, I will repay. I have trusted him for nearly 68 years and He has not failed me yet. These people will get theirs one day. On that you can depend.

  6. Dearest Redskin — You are right. Thank you, thank you, thank you! In fact I’ve always taken a great deal of solace in that fact. Not because I wish revenge, but because I am free to not be vengeful — it’s in God’s ultimate wisdom and not mine.

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