Tax Reform Bill – No Vote – Delayed For Rewrite

The US Senate on Thursday evening delayed a vote on Republicans’ flagship tax reform bill until Friday after a key element of the bill did not pass muster with the legislative body’s rules. The delay came after the Senate parliamentarian, a rules referee, had rejected the use of a mechanism to trigger tax increases if new revenues did not cover the cost of the bill’s tax cuts. The nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation had revealed earlier on Thursday that Republicans’ tax reform plan would generate only $407bn in additional revenue, falling well short of covering the $1.5tn in cuts targeted by the bill. The vote for the bill was rescheduled for around 11am on Friday, according a tweet form the Senate Cloakroom.

Republicans rewriting tax bill — and won’t vote tonight

Senate GOP leaders are still making major changes to the plan in order to win over several hold-outs.


9 Comments on Tax Reform Bill – No Vote – Delayed For Rewrite

  1. I’m betting the POS McCain has said he will vote for it because there is already an agreement among the shitheads to not give this enough votes to pass. Win win for the traitors.

  2. ?? new revenues did not cover the cost of the bill’s tax cuts??

    Leave it to Congress to implement an avenue to raise taxes elsewhere for the tax relief they vote for citizens. Bastards.

    Hey how about eliminating duplication of bureaucratic government functions within numerous agencies, cut waste, cut corruption, stop paying for Congressional sexual harassment suits, or just do your damn job by balancing the budget.

    Christ Almighty, even King George had greater understanding than these dolts………
    Representative Taxation my backside !

  3. Corker & Flake need to be severely kicked in the ‘nads, grabbed by their collars & back ends of their pants & thrown, unceremoniously, into the demonRats side of the Senate …. where they can spend the rest of their miserable careers cleaning the rear orifice of Schmuk Schumer

  4. Why do I get the feeling that they will continue to dangle 50 votes in front of us week after week, ultimately delivering 49 and saying ‘oh we tried sooo hard’

  5. Throw a simple, sensible plan out on the the table, have 500 or so fookin’ lawyers tinker with it for awhile, what could possibly go wrong?

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