Tea party groups finally get justice in IRS case

ONN: A tea party activist is pleased that the IRS is finally paying up after illegally targeting conservative groups during the Obama administration.

The federal government has been cutting checks to 100 conservative groups as part of a settlement in the class-action lawsuit NorCal v. United States, ending a five-year legal battle.

President Obama famously said there was not a “smidgen” of evidence that the IRS unfairly targeted tea party groups, but hundreds of such groups described long delays and intrusive scrutiny — proven to be illegal — such as demanding membership information and religious beliefs.

A 2013 inspector general’s report found the IRS flagged tax-exempt filings based on a conservative-sounded name, such as “patriots” or “tea party,” and the applications sat untouched for months.

Tom Zawistowski, executive director of the Portage County Tea Party, tells OneNewsNow that he was one of the chief plaintiffs in the lawsuit after telling the IRS in 2011 he refused to comply with its demands.

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14 Comments on Tea party groups finally get justice in IRS case

  1. Buy offs. Statements on why payouts are necessary? Nope.
    Anything is better than nothing, but until lois lerner is hanging upside down in a dungeon, true justice has not been gained. Rope and chains, please.

  2. Payouts from taxpayers. Unless those checks are coming from Lois Lerner’s retirement income, don’t tell me justice has been served.

  3. The perpetraitors at the IRS got no punishment but full retirement. The taxpayers are paying the freight. Good for the Tea Party but bad for us.

  4. Justice would have been not having Obama’s 2nd term which is what this suppression was ultimately about.

    Combine this with the Deep State effort against Trump and we’re currently in Year 6 of the Bureacracy’s War on Democracy.

  5. @Cliche Guevara January 16, 2019 at 12:34 am

    > we’re currently in Year 6 of the Bureacracy’s War on Democracy

    Can’t have a war if only one side shows up.

  6. With taxpayers paying the tab for the IRS abuses. It’s only half-justice without Louis Learner & co-conspirators also behind bars for a long stay with their pensions going into the payout account. Taxpayers stuck with injustice, again.


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