Teacher Accuses Boston Museum Staff of Racism – Claims They Said, “No Watermelon”

This watermelon remark makes NO SENSE, and sounds like the fantasy of a teacher who WANTS to experience racism.

Not too much racism, however. Not anything that would really hurt and do damage. She wants to experience the kind of racism that wouldn’t actually hurt her in the least, but would destroy the people she indicts.


Marvelyne Lamy said staff had followed the black and other minority 12 and 13-year-olds, yelling at them not to touch exhibits while ignoring white groups.

She claimed staff told the group: “No food, no drink, and no watermelon.”

The term dates back to the US civil war and is considered derogatory when used in relation to the black community.

In a statement, a museum spokesperson said the employee in question said they told the students, “No food, no drink and no water bottles” were allowed inside the galleries.

The museum said there was no way to “definitively confirm or deny what was said”, but added it would provide additional training for all frontline staff on engaging with school groups.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh called the alleged remarks “incredibly disturbing”.


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Here, let Bill Burr explain how racism works —>

18 Comments on Teacher Accuses Boston Museum Staff of Racism – Claims They Said, “No Watermelon”

  1. I know I’M INCREDIBLY DISTURBED when I see watermelons.

    “Some men there are love not a gaping pig…”

    For me it’s them evil watermelons.

  2. Off topic but I’m watching Velodrome bicycle racing on my PBS station in S.E. Mich and one poor racers last name is Butsavage. I thought the mayor was unlucky. (Yeah, it’s pronounced just as its phonetically read)

  3. And, of course, the worthless piece of shit democrat mayor (Like there is any other kind) presumes the guilt of the museum staff before any of the facts are in. JFC… The only lesson this “teacher” was trying to convey to her students was how you could get stupid white people to destroy each other by merely making a unfounded, even preposterous, accusation.

  4. 4 teachers careers were destroyed in Palmdale CA because a picture of them with a noose appeared on the net

  5. Well let’s see, the white groups were ignored because they weren’t causing any problems while the blacks were likely acting out in an area of great value and great fragility. The teacher was simply looking for her retirement lawsuit when she deliberately misheard “watermelon” for “water bottle”. The Mayor, was just being the usual kneejerk, race-baiting politician. It is, after all, Boston we’re talking about.

  6. I’ve only seen 3, maybe 4 examples of actual white racism against black people in my life. Probably 3 or 4 times as many examples of black people being racist. Maybe twice with asians.

    But there was this one time….

    Late 90’s, Louisiana. I was there to see relatives and then a buddy who worked on an offshore oil rig and had a month off.

    I drove to my buddies apartment, then we went to a 7-11 or whatever. One of those quickie marts on the side of the road with a grey dirt and gravel “parking lot” that was just a super wide shoulder on the road.

    We walk out after getting some smokes and my buddy grabs my arm. “Look! Look!” he says, pointing to a grey dodge pickup with wooden stake sides and a bed full of watermelons. “So?” I ask…naively…because my buddy was kinda’ a fuck stick.

    “Watch!” he says, starting to laugh. Sure enough, some old guy gets out of the truck with a big cardboard sign. It says. “NIGGER PICKLES”

    I’m literally dumbfounded. Never heard the term before. My brain was trying to make sense of it. “Watermelons aren’t long and skinny….the hell?” My buddy has tears streaming down his face. People stop…..to buy watermelons like it’s just time of day.

    Then it happens. Fat black lady gets out of her sedan. Mad? She called the cops. Cops show up. About half the watermelons are gone. Some are, indeed, long and skinny. Now…the cops….one white, one black, looked really, really, tired. Not fed up and pissed off, but more like , defeated. Like they had dealt with this guy many, many, many times before.

    Anyway, they didn’t bust the guy for selling food by the side of the road, they just wanted him to take the sign down. Of course, he wouldn’t. My buddy is on the ground laughing at this point. I’m just now starting to realize this is actually happening and not some stunt. Eventually, they talk the old guy into changing his sign from NIGGER PICKLES to….. NIGER PICKLES.

    He did so by borrowing an officers ball point pen to try and fix a cardboard sign that he had used a sharpie on. You can imagine the ineffective results.

    Yes, racist as hell.

    But also yes, funniest damn thing I think I’ve ever seen in real life.

  7. I never heard Naygur Pickles… but they call them Monkeymelons over here. I don’t think it’s very funny 🙂 . I consider watermelons rubbish… but my parents and my wife like them. I wouldn’t give you a nickle for a single one of them. The melons, I mean.

  8. I didn’t say the term ‘nigger pickles’ was funny, but that the whole absurdity of the situation was indeed, hilarious.

    Never heard the term since, still think about it and laugh wondering if it was all a setup.

    Just one of those rare, weird and wacky moments in life.

  9. I like the heck out of watermelons. And if you weren’t aware of it, they are surprisingly nutritious.

  10. In 71 years, I’ve seen one physical attack against by a white guy against a black man, and 5 or 6 white people muttering about “niggers”. About the same number of incidents in the reverse. That’s it.

    The white guy that attacked the black guy happened when I was in Army basic training at Ft. Ord in 1968. He made it clear he did not like black people, yet had the utmost respect for our drill sargents, who were all black. I could never figure him out.

  11. Mr Burr I wasn’t being a shite, I was saying that calling them monkeymelons was nearly as bad.

    I don’t eat nigger pickles. I don’t eat monkeymelons. But my chickens do.

  12. Hmmm. From an advertising standpoint, “nigger pickles” has more pizzazz than “monkey melons” even though “monkey melons” gets points for alliteration.

    At the time of the incident I honestly believed it was some sort of ‘Jackass’ TV show stunt. It was that bizarre.

    But dang, I laughed a lot. Anyway you want to think about it. “Why didn’t the cops do X ” Or “did this happen every day?” Is funny. Total fish out of water story.

    The only thing that compares is the time in rural Missouri (yes, there was a shirtless fat man on a riding mower with a case of beer on his lap) when my wife got a sammich’ at the supermarket deli.

    “Ewe want lettuce AND cheese on your sammich!?!?! Maybe they do that in the big city, but not out heah.” Is how that conversation went.

  13. I think of watermelon every time I see a picture of James Clapper. I’m not sure why. Does this make me a racist?

  14. Marvelyne must’ve totally lost her sh*t when she learned Niger was printed in the geography textbook.

    Btw, Bill Burr is married to a black woman.


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