Teacher Calls a Student an A**h%le For Wearing a MAGA Hat and Refusing To Take Off the Triggering Garment

The teacher’s intellect is on par with the stupid bint who says the hat is racist.

At the end they realize they are in deep $hit when one of the girls screeches “Oh my God, he’s blogging!!!”

video HERE also

20 Comments on Teacher Calls a Student an A**h%le For Wearing a MAGA Hat and Refusing To Take Off the Triggering Garment

  1. The teacher owes the student and the class an apology, and a two thousand word essay on how inappropriate her behavior was for the classroom.

  2. If there is a rule against wearing hats, regardless of what might be on the hat, then that is one thing and the young man should remove the hat. If there is such a rule, the wimpy teacher was not able to properly explain said rule (that should have been written down in a dress code – which I doubt that the high school probably has).

    Based upon the teacher’s comments and some of the students, the problem is with the message on the hat (how “make America great again” is racist is beyond me). And again, the teacher sounded like the typical pitiful social justice warrior who is unable to validly argue a point.

  3. What a lame incompetent teacher. All he had to do was say cheerfully (assuming he’s consistent — a big “if”) that it’s not appropriate for men to wear hats indoors and so he needs to take it off now. See Emily Post.

  4. I am a Trump supporter, but in this I have to back the teacher. The kid is being a jerk and clearly trying to start something.

  5. I think maybe teachers have GENERALLY always bee America hating libs. From ’57 to ’60 I spent many hrs in Detention (kicked out of class for that period.) for defending Ike’s very good (for American workers) OPERATION WETBACK. I still graduated in the top decile. but some of my teachers were as lib as the Bush Clan.
    Seems 60 years later many teachers are still progressive, and still “punish” students who think America is a good country!

    Talking back to the liberal teachers made me a hero to some and a jerk to others. Some kids agreed we needed a “Kinder Gentler America”; to them I was a bad kid. But all knew I was not to be pushed around, bull headed I was, and am. Same for this kid. I am proud of him, as I am proud of my President!

  6. I disagree David. It was the teacher who was trying to start something.

    And he didn’t correct the girl who said the MAGA hat is racist.

    The entire tone of the teacher, and what he was proselytizing about, had nothing to do with enforcing a dress code and everything to do with tamping down any support for THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in a PUBLIC SCHOOL.

    This kid is the Rosa Parks in this scenario.
    You’re making him out to be the bus driver.

  7. i love the ending. The kid spins around to show everyone his laptop. LOLOL. The is where the evil “bwa ha ha” laugh is appropriate.

  8. If there was a rule about no hats in the classroom or school, then the teacher has a point on those grounds, however I believe I seen someone else wearing a hat in the video for a second, so if it is not enforced across the board, no go. Saying the hat is racist is totally lame. Then again, this is a ‘union member’ so why are we so surprised when the absolutely worst that any work force has to show, show’s it’s self in full ignorant fashion?

  9. While up and leaving the classroom, that teacher should’ve just gone straight to his gynecologist.

  10. Too bad the video ended when the kid twirled around showing he was blogging. The person doing the video should have turned to show the teachers reaction to realizing just how bad he screwed up.

  11. That guy has low level classroom management skills, he’s verbose as all get out and, based on the words he used, he doesn’t have a handle on even a stupid excuse for his directive. He (not the kid) wasted so much time on that nonsense that if I were a parent at that school I’d complain about it. If I were *that* kid’s parent, you better believe I’d make sure the school board knew that so-called teacher called my child an asshole.

    I rarely have to tell a kid to take a hat off (our skills prohibit them across the board), but when I do I direct it, first of all, I don’t ask because its not up for discussion. Then I move on; If he insists on wearing it I tell him he’s got a choice to take it off of leave with security (high school) – and that’s usually as far as it goes. In fact, that’s as far as it has ever gone. Even kids looking for attention know the rules and when you don’t dick around with them like this moron did, they know their game is going nowhere. I would never even consider moving an entire classroom for one student, who wouldn’t be allowed to be left alone in the classroom anyway.

    This guy is a class A moron – and that’s not even taking into account his idiotic political views.

  12. If that was Lazlo the Younger being treated that way, that asshole teacher would be fighting me in a duel whether he wanted to or not

  13. Clear and simple. Does the school have a dress code? Or not?
    If the school does have a dress code, then it should be in writing.
    If it’s in writing, then the teacher should have a copy of the book, to be able to open to page, paragraph, and line, and tell Mr Asshole to take off the hat NOW.

    If there is no dress code, or it’s not written down, then the teacher is an asshole, and is pulling the hat removal from his own ass.


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