Teacher indoctrinates 6 year-olds telling them that Donald Tump is a criminal and cheated to win presidency

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  1. So if I’m a teacher I can make up shit?
    Push my views onto little children???

    “Okay class, the tooth fairy is very real and she is a home invader. If you don’t have teeth waiting for her under your pillow every single night- she’ll kill your parents.”

    “Never trust a leftist kids. Ever.”

  2. Teacher believes itself to be a member of the Media.

    If Satan is the “Father of all Lies” then teachers are his children.

    Once teachers unionized they sold their souls.
    “It isn’t necessary to know the subject matter; it’s only necessary to know how to teach.”
    “I’ll worry about the children when they start paying dues.”
    (Teachers Union Maggot Boss – I think NY)

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. In defense of the few – please do not lump all teachers in this category. Yes, they are in the majority, but not all

  4. Anonymous
    OCTOBER 28, 2019 AT 8:14 AM
    “Why are there never any meaningful repercussions over stuff like this?”

    …no meaningful repercussions YET.

    …but you know what they say the harvest will be for those who continue to sow the wind…


    …and the longer it builds, the worse it’ll be…

  5. When I was in Kindergarten, the only reason we talked about the president is because he was shot in the head; the remainder of the school day was spent at the range trying to determine how may rounds we could spend in “X time period” with a bolt action rifle.

  6. “Teacher”. Where? Public school, private school, Sunday school, day care? Without that information, it is grossly misleading to just headline this as “teacher”. Also, who is recording this? This whole thing stinks of an attempt to further denigrate public school teachers. With the video,if this is a public school setting, that teacher could, should and would be dismissed. Actions on the part of a “teacher” such as shown here are unconscionable.

  7. Very few public school teachers don’t convert to group think. I have a few family members who went back to school after their kids were school age. Very conservative minded before becoming teachers, after a few years in the public school system their views started becoming more like their leftist peers. Now that they’ve been there for over 20 years, they’re left wing idiots who want to tax everyone and everything to death, shut down the prisons and think schools should get 90% of the budget for more money that of course according to them is for the children.

    The few friends I have that stayed conservative either keep their mouths shut or leave and get jobs in private schools or changed careers. They’ll be the first to tell you if you love your kids you will find a way to get them out of the public school system.

  8. She needs to be Arrested, convicted and EXECUTED for TREASON..Any of the scum that wants to destroy a generation of kids needs to die.

  9. This has been going on since the beginning of time. Doesn’t make it right, but there is corruption all over the world. No doubt it’s really sickening when even teachers in our public school system gets away with brainwashing kids. All the more important that parents play a very active role in teaching a child right from wrong. Which is another challenge if both parents are working to put food on the table. And even worse in a single parent household. I used to think people that home schooled their kids were weird. Now I can totally see why!

  10. @ Don
    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is probably a public school or government school if you will, there are at least some good teachers but most have done this to themselves. It’s groupthink and they will assimilate the left’s thinking in almost all cases. It’s their environment and the nightly news which never seems to shut off in a lot of people’s homes. They are devoid of critical thinking skills and do not teach that ability. That is why we need a voucher system where parents can vote with their feet. Market-driven quality education is the key. Government does very little cost-effectively, it’s just the way it is. Do you think $14,000 per kid for 9 months (teachers have 3 months paid off a year plus pers) worth of education with the product outcome as it is a good deal?

  11. Teachers not all like that? Wake up idiots. When a teacher teaches the corrupt curriculum (Propaganda and lies) that are handed down from above they are as guilty as the liars and corrupters that write the propaganda. The only honest teacher is one that resigns when they refuse to teach the communist crap that the left promote. Anyone entering an institution is a fool, and when they graduate they are bigger fools than the day that they are enrolled.

  12. Don Perry,
    Further denigrate public school teachers? They do a good enough job of that on their own. Just look at public school teacher’s social media pages for proof. Check out you tube of videos they’re proud of. Check out videos of the many striking teachers across the country. Take a look at how many are molesting children.

    If this is a public school setting, that teacher could, should and would be dismissed? Are you kidding me? After a teacher has worked at a school for 2 years it almost takes an act of Congress to get them fired. Usually the best that can be hoped for when a school has a school board that isn’t full of idiots is to force them to resign. Even when they’re arrested for rape they’re only suspended, often with pay. Again all you have to do is a quick search and you will find the news stories of the number of teachers who have been suspended with pay after being arrested.
    One of our local schools had a teacher showing 6th grade students porn, parents complained to administration, school board, pulled their kids out of his class and he kept his job until one parent finally filed a complaint with the police. This went on for 3 years, then after he was charged with a crime, he was suspended with pay, which he drew until he was convicted.

  13. E.A. Hewett
    OCTOBER 28, 2019 AT 11:21 AM
    “There had best be a follow up report that she has been fired”

    …and will likely get a job on Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff next…

  14. There is NO REASON for a liber teacher to spill her BILE to innocent little six year olds! This INDOCTRINATION of our children needs to stop. If the TEACHERS will not stop out of concern for the little ones then they should be removed from their jobs so they can not be in a position to poison those precious little minds!

  15. @ BSinSC OCTOBER 28, 2019 AT 11:41 AM

    It’s not that hard to figure out if you subscribe to my assessment of the progressive movement. Generally speaking public school teachers are followers of the progressive movement. The progressive movement is totally invested in increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death.

  16. all the more reason to get active in your local school boards…… if that means sacrificing some personal time to go a monthly meeting so be it……we can’t risk the future of our children because serving on a school board is too inconvenient.

    in my humble opinion, our collective apathy led to teachers like this having a job in the first place. I myself am guilty of this too and am running for my local school district’s next opening.

  17. Matthew M,
    I agree with you to a point and some of us old Grannies decided to do just that, although we don’t have kids in public school, but they do take our property taxes, which should give us a say. Anyway a few ran and the rest of us helped them. They lost and their opponents ran against them by saying they had no kids in school so why would they want to be on the school board unless it was to hurt the school?

    Going to meetings and even if you could manage to get on the school board is not going to stop the madness. The only way to stop it is for more parents to pull their kids out of public school, when enough do it, they either collapse or decide to educate children.

  18. IF ONLY THIs WERE EITHER NEW OR UNUSUAL! I spent many hrs in detention between ’58 + ’61 defending the “White Nationalist” Ike from my liberal teachers. Ike ran “Operation Wetback” because he was a “white nationalist”. I vocally disagreed, and got sent to detention, MANY TIMES!

    BTW I still was in the top 10% of my class.

    Teachers have been Americans are bad folk liberals for many decades! At least since Ike! 65 years!~

  19. The teacher should’ve slapped the white supremacist student for his hate speech as an example for the other pupils.

  20. These are children at their most vulnerable. That teacher should be kicked out of the profession NOW. And someone should step in and tell those children the truth.


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