Teacher suspended after ‘wet willy’ incident sparks state investigation

EAG: NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families is investigating a fourth-grade teacher who allegedly instructed a student to give his resting classmate a wet willy in class.

Parent Candace Cherry told the New Haven Register an unidentified teacher at Wexler-Grant Community School allowed her daughter, a 10-year-old honors student, put her head down on her desk after finishing her work early last Monday.

Cherry alleges the teacher then told another student to wet his finger with his mouth and swirl it in the girl’s ear to wake her up.

“It’s nasty. It grossed me out,” Cherry told NBC Connecticut. “My daughter said when she woke up, everyone was laughing at her and then they proceeded to tell her what happened.”

The girl texted Cherry from another student’s phone, and Cherry asked her to call from the school office. When the girl didn’t call, Cherry called the school and learned the child was scolded for using a phone in school.  MORE

SNIP: I bet here’s talk of burning the teacher in the auditorium. Is it gross? Of course! But it was just a wet finger, not an actual  wet ‘willy’.


The lesson here is, never  fall asleep in public. LOL.

13 Comments on Teacher suspended after ‘wet willy’ incident sparks state investigation

  1. It IS gross. Have someone do it to you when you least expect it and see if you feel violated.

    I certainly don’t want anyone’s spit in my ear. I don’t swap slobber with just anyone, either.

  2. Just slap the focke out of the teacher and
    give her a month of unpaid leave. Then she’ll

    Zero tolerance for that shit should go both
    ways. Lucky the kid didn’t have a pop tart gun.

  3. Mom needs an atomic wedgie for comparison. Maybe she’ll realize over reacting induced more laughter from the kids than the WW.

  4. Boy, Teachers are getting creepier and creepier. Funny story… my mom was paranoid that her kids would have ears that stuck out. So, one time a Nun grabbed my brother by his ear in class to scold him, and he told mom. MOM, turned into the sow grizzly bear, and had a heated chat with that Nun. She never touched my brother again.

    Mom’s are the best.

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