Teacher Under Fire for Showing Sex Ed Students Pro-Life Video

Breitbart: The Sacramento City Unified School District is investigating a middle school teacher’s decision to show sex ed students a pro-life group’s medical animation videos that depict what happens during abortion.

The videos, presented by pro-life organization Live Action and narrated by former abortionist-turned-pro-life activist Dr. Anthony Levatino, show animations of how abortions are performed during various stages of pregnancy. The middle school presentation also included a music video titled Can I Live? in which rapper Nick Cannon thanks his mother for not aborting him when she became pregnant as a teen.  more here

9 Comments on Teacher Under Fire for Showing Sex Ed Students Pro-Life Video

  1. It’s almost as if evil, mean and nasty radicals, bent on the destruction of American life and it’s values, have for years now been strategically placing themselves in positions of power and influence in order to achieve their nefarious goal. I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya.

  2. Hey! The NEA protects the schools right to teach only approved democrat doctrine. The truth has no place in education.

  3. How dare this teacher expose any public school children, regardless of age, to the truth.
    We need thousands more just like her!

  4. @pbunyan June 14, 2018 at 11:50 am

    “A well informed, well educated electorate is the enemy of the left.”

    A well informed, well educated electorate is the enemy.

  5. Through many conversations regarding worker shortages, such as a nursing or doctor shortage, I always bring up the “we wouldn’t have a shortage of workers if we hadn’t been aborting them for over 40 years”.
    Boy, talk about a conversation stopper.


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