Teachers Convince an 11-Year-Old Girl That She’s a Transgender Boy, Mother Rightfully Sues the School

Chad Prather: As a fellow resident of the former Golden State, now a collapsing socialist disaster, the liberals running the political and education systems in California, have lost their collective mind.

The radical Lbtqacb123 mob is disregarding parental rights by illegally trying to indoctrinate their children in the public school system, especially teachers whose entire identity is based on who they have sexual relations with.

A California mother is taking legal action against a school district, claiming that two teachers secretly manipulated her 11-year-old daughter into believing she was a transgender boy.

Jessica Konen filed a legal claim against Spreckels Union School District last Wednesday.

She alleges that Buena Vista Middle School teachers Lori Caldeira and Kelly Baraki ‘planted a seed’ in her daughter’s head that she was bisexual, then went on to convince the youngster that she was actually a transgender boy.

Konen also claims that Caldeira and Baraki – who ran the school’s ‘You Be You’ equality club – provided information for her daughter on how to bind her breasts to stop them from developing. She says the school kept her in the dark about what was going on until a December 2019 meeting.

After schools closed and went remote during COVID in March 2020, Konen says her daughter, who has not been named, was once again happy to identify as a girl when away from the influence of the teachers and school bosses she is now on the verge of suing. read more

16 Comments on Teachers Convince an 11-Year-Old Girl That She’s a Transgender Boy, Mother Rightfully Sues the School

  1. “claiming that two bull-dyke lesbian teachers secretly manipulated her 11-year-old daughter into believing she was a transgender boy.”

  2. Which proves that Mitch’s boy Garland was right 10 months ago; when he sent the letter.


    How did Mitch know?

  3. By now, I’m sure counseling to deprogrammed these poor kids has been made illegal by our communist overlords.

  4. There is a current TV show featuring a trans called “Jazz”. Following a young boy as he trans into a girl, starting with anti-puberty meds and now as an adult with a faux vagina and faux breasts. He/she is now depressed, in counseling, unable to live a normal life, and his/her family is in denial that is so.
    His/her parents allowed this, encouraged this mutilation of a child and now the child/adult is suffering.
    My best understanding of the point the producers are making is that a transfer from male to female is a good thing and should be celebrated, but what it reveals is a sick, perverted idea of ‘woke’ and a troubled, sad adult.

  5. When yer AFU changing yer “sex” ain’t gonna fix it!!
    On the other hand if people are influencing children to change theirs, it absolutely WILL fck them up!

    Again I maintain this, along with Common Core, White Guilt and so-called gender “studies”, is an insidious effort on the part of the Left to cripple the next generation as part of their bigger effort to drag this nation down to their level of SUCK! It is the only puzzle piece that fits!


  7. TRF — It’s also an effort to prove their theory that gender is a “social construct.” They are trying to give teeth to their whacko theories, because if they can’t achieve that then ALL of their “gender studies” papers are less than worthless.

  8. …it’s weird — but not surprising — that the queer people trying to sell the social construct idea can’t get it off the ground without resorting to trying to change a person’s sex hormones and organs. What sex we are is a God construct, so good luck with that. It would be better if they repent of their sins and just get on with changing themselves.

  9. Dangerous to approach the courts. A corrupt Democrat judge is more likely to order her child removed and/or order chemical and surgical mutilation of her child than give her any administrative relief that goes against the destruction that Democrats love so, as an example to others…

  10. You looka likea man. Cal, their the fockn experts on this shit. Gays, trannys & the loose caboose, non-binary.

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