Teachers Union Gives Highest Honor To Unemployed Millionaire, Colin Kaepernick

Blue Lives Matter: The National Education Association gave Colin Kaepernick the President’s Award

Washington, D.C. – Former National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick received a human and civil rights award from a national teachers union.

The National Education Association gave Kaepernick the NEA’s President’s Award in recognition of his work “to fight racial oppression through education and social justice activism” through the Know Your Rights camp, according to Fox News.

Kaepernick funds the camp.  more here

13 Comments on Teachers Union Gives Highest Honor To Unemployed Millionaire, Colin Kaepernick

  1. The award serves dual purposes of kissing the NFL’s Ass, while ignoring teachers at the same job. The NEA is like a blood sucking leech.
    The best thing to do is get rid of it, ASAP!

  2. What’s the over and under for his trust funds to run out?…..

    About the same time his advisors retire to the Caymans?….

  3. If only Crap-ernick would stop appearing in the headlines, that would be lovely. I’m so tired of seeing his spongey hair and apparent lack of a brain… it’s mentally exhausting.

  4. Socialist Education Union recognises Socialist whose name they can’t spell.
    That’s news?
    Hugo Chavez unable to attend.

  5. No mystery why there was an earlier iotwr post about college students dreaming of living in a socialists utopia in some small European country they could not name as actually existing. But they were damned sure America sucks.
    Anyway, saw this BS NEA award story just before July 4th. – disgusting.

  6. These proggressives … they’re about as spontaneous and unpredictable as the Schlieffen Plan

  7. Disgusting puke! This country allowed
    him to make alot of money and then he
    disrespects it because some cops had to
    shoot some violent black criminal thugs.
    What makes libshitz so blind to the simple facts ??;??

  8. Might be a good idea to privatize all education, you know, compete for your business with one another and doing the best job for the money.
    How long do you think it would take to realize who the new boss is.
    Let the NEA sort itself out after that.


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