Teachers Unions Are Attempting Political Blackmail. It’s Time To Break Them Up

The Federalist:

It’s not enough that public school teachers and the college professors who train them are increasingly prone to teaching leftist absurdities like “2+2=5” or presenting the mendacious 1619 Project as legitimate American history. Teachers unions are now trying to blackmail the entire country into meeting a set of leftist political demands for reopening the schools this fall, using COVID-19 as their excuse.

Of course, the pandemic certainly presents challenges for re-opening schools, but other sectors of society have managed to rise to the occasion over the past several months to keep the country running. Grocery stores clerks, truck drivers, warehouse workers, and of course police, firefighters, doctors, and nurses—all have kept working, sometimes under tough conditions and sometimes at great personal risk.

Then there are teachers unions. More than any other group during this pandemic, teachers unions have shown themselves to be abjectly selfish, hyper-political, and totally intransigent about teaching during the pandemic. They are willing to lie about the science behind COVID-19 transmission and shamelessly stoke fear to advance their partisan agenda. Just about the last thing these unions seem to care about is educating children or helping the country get back on its feet.

On Monday, an alliance of teachers unions and leftist groups in dozens of states staged a “National Day of Resistance,” issuing a series of demands that they say must be met before their members will return to the classroom. What do they want? Rents and mortgages canceled, a “massive infusion of federal money” from “taxing billionaires and Wall Street,” moratoriums on new charter schools and voucher programs and standardized tests, and of course “police-free schools,” among other things.


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  1. Seems like this would make a good campaign ad – something along the lines of:

    “Teacher’s unions demand that America adopt full blown communism or they’ll refuse to return to teaching your kids while still expecting to be paid their full salary and benefits as usual. Is this how America and the education system is supposed to work? Parents and students being held hostage by the teacher’s unions demands to destroy our current system of government only to be replaced by pure communism? That’s not how America works and the only way to stop it is to vote TRUMP 2020 and vote a straight REPUBLICAN ticket for the house and senate. America will be a distant memory if we don’t. Don’t let teacher’s unions hold your child’s future as a hostage for political gains.”

    It’s not a scare tactic to tell the truth about these people. Hopefully, something like this would wake up some suburban moms too.

  2. I for one hope schools don’t open back up or open with such ignorant bullshit such as masks, no cafeteria, classes stay in same room all day, desks 6 feet apart, that parents won’t send their kids. That’s the way to finally make a dent in fixing this country, not allowing children to be indoctrinated.

    My husband and I did our best to raise our children to become responsible adults, for the most part our kids aren’t brain dead idiots. I still though on occasion hear one of them say something or do something that makes me ask them if they’re a libtard. If there was one thing I could go back and do over, it would be not sending them to public school. They went to rural schools and for the most part the leftist bullshit did not reach their schools until my youngest was in HS. I can see now though that some shit even without them or me knowing it got through.

    Today the schools are a hundred times worse and worse they don’t even teach them the basics. Learning to write isn’t even a priority now because teachers don’t see the need for them to know how as they can just punch in anything they need to say on a phone or tablet. The way they teach math is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever seen.

    I heard my daughter telling someone the other day who asked where her kids were going to school that her kids wouldn’t be going to school, they would be taught at home. That in her opinion it’s pretty much child abuse to send your kids to school.

  3. Teacher’s unions are the #1 enemy of our country. As long as there’s a Dept/Education, it’s going to be next to impossible to be rid of them.

    The Dept/Education is typical of DC bureaucracies in that it’s staffed by 1,000s of mid level executives who have been there decades and who are leftists. Far leftists. Yes you can put a Betsy DeVos in charge and she can bring in some other like minded top managers but the fact is, that department, like virtually every bureaucracy and institution in DC is staffed with 100s of 1,000s of people treading water until Orange Bad Man is gone.

    Even Republican administrations kowtow to the Dept/Education and really to all of the institutions in the Swamp. It’s Trump that they despise and fear.

    The Dept/Education, working with both the national and local teacher’s unions offer massive funding to local school boards if they accept teaching using certain curriculum e.g. The 1619 Project or specific text books. It’s not much more than a slush fund.

    MS DeVos is a huge proponent of vouchers. She’s been there almost 4 years. Where’s the vouchers? Almost every locale that has some kind of voucher program is under fire. Charter schools walk on eggshells. After WWll, the GI Bill allowed soldiers to take the money to the college of their choice. Now any bill offering something akin to that is always challenged in court by the teacher’s unions.

    It’s a fucking mess we’ve gotten ourselves into with these unions, the power they have wielded has lost generations to the dark side. President Trump is a monster forward thinker, well put on your Thinking Cap. My only solution is to close the Dept/Education to pry power(and cash) out of the teacher’s unions’ hands. Good fucking luck with that.

  4. Why stop there? It’s past time to rid the country of all public service unions and especially those in the federal government.

  5. Many unions were co-opted by totalitarians posing as socialists, but the teachers’ unions were ORGANIZED on that nefarious principle.

    Teachers had a choice – a professional-type organization (similar to AMA, ABA, Order of Engineers, ASME, &c.) or a “workers’ union” such as were the core constituencies of the German Workers’ Party and the Communist International.

    They chose the latter. They submitted to the “bosses” ideas of a union stranglehold on “education” and embraced the concept of totalitarian indoctrination – to the exclusion of all else. They sold their souls into subservience to a political party which had no intention of educating anyone, at the price of holding the public prey to their financial demands and the protections of the unions and their bosses in government from the predatory aspects some members and the grotesque ignorance and lack of talent, at large, of the membership.
    Hence, the “teachers” don’t teach – they indoctrinate while demanding larger and larger percentages of budget – sending property “taxes” into the stratosphere.
    Oh, they successfully nationalized their pensions, as well – the union “bosses” stole the funds and shifted the burden to the taxpayers with the aid of the politicians.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Executive order giving tax money raised per student to parents. In my corrupt public school district it’s $34,000 per kid.
    Close the government schools

  7. Unions are no more than an extension of the democrat party and an unfair advantage where the leadership leverages the collective power despite the rank and file. Screw them.
    {I was in the AFLCIO for years and they’re pushy}

  8. Ontario Teachers all got raises during covid1984 and now they are looking for every excuse to not get back to class even with significantly reduced classes and ALL sports are cancelled.

    Fight the extortion while you can.

    And don’t forget to tell them that they are manufacturing a useless product (unemployed couch squatting video game playing snowflakes) that no one needs.

  9. …I always laugh at the “police-free schools” thing.

    When I was a kid, we didn’t HAVE “Resource Officers”. That’s because the teachers could discipline kids, the principal could discipline kids, and the parents WOULD discipline kids.

    They only added the cops later, because lefty school policies banned things like spankings, lefty therories about the “Black Learning Style” made it so it be rayyyciss to say anything to Black kids who ran around, talked, or or annoyed other kids during class, and parents became too busy making NEW welfare cases for the school or scoring heroin to disciplne kids, so the teachers DEMANDED the cops SOMEONE could do SOMETHING if the li’l savages (which ALL kids ARE until adults civilize then) got out of hand and started knifing people…or shooting.

    That gave the school someone with actual authority since the teachers and principals surrenderd THEIRS, put a police car outside like a big dog to warn the kids there was Authority there, and put a good guy with a gun in the building if liberal life got completely out of hand.

    And now they don’t even want THAT.

    …I’m just curious who’s going to rule the school with the police gone. Lefty teachers? THEY gave up ALL their authority for “diversity” reasons long ago. Sure, they’ll still dicipline a White kid, but if you search for videos of teachers being knocked out by students, that’s NOT their main problem.

    And I don’t even know what a Principal DOES any more. It’s been a few years since I had a hostage in the system, but I did have contact with principals (because my kid was White) and they seemed to mostly lie, bitch about teachers, and tell me they couldn’t do anything about the Black kid attacking my son because his momma wouldn’t answer the phone, current policies tied their hands, and I was as rayciss anyway for complaining about assaults because, slavery, or something. I had to get a lawyer, a state student advocate, and threaten a Federal Civil Rights suit (back when White kids still had SOME Civil Rights) to get them to do ANYTHING (I removed him completely later, but that’s a different story for another day).

    …so MY guess is that the teachers are well aware the Black gangs will rule the school, and that’s why the impossible conditions, to force online schools so they don’t have to deal with it. The fact that online learning doesn’t WORK for most kids doesn’t matter, the teacher’s union only worries about TEACHERS.

    I HAD a teacher say that to my face once, too. It was with my lawyer, so I had HER slap the bitch down, but it left me with NO doubt that the kids were ultimately unimportant to their jobs.

    Because she TOLD me so.

    …teachers at this point are pretty corrupted by Leftist politics, and hamstrung by Leftist politics even WHEN one actually tries. Schools aren’t schools, they are indoctrination centers, leaving out even Nixon and WWII at this point because they don’t want to tell those stories. They chased God out and brought satan in. They have basically been nationalized since Cater, so all they produce is Commie cannon fodder.

    Time to end them.

    Go back to local parents collectively home-schooling children. Do it in caves out-of-town if you have to, like early Christians avoiding Nero. Tell whatever story Govenrment requires for home-schooling to avoid jail and State CPD removal, but teach them ACTUAL history, ACTUAL standards, and ACTUAL morals. .

    And let the kids know who God is. You need look no further than Portland to see what happens when you DONT.

    Maybe after the next Civil War we can try again, but right NOW, they are worthless, not even good day care centers any more.

    Time to hit RESET.

    With a bullet, if necessary…

  10. DAMN IT! outdoorjohn beat me to it. trump just needs to abolish the teachers unions and replace them all with people who want to educate vs indoctrinate. and we can see exactly what their indoctrination is by what their demands are

  11. Outdoorjohn got to the comment before I did. It’s time for Trump to pull a Reagan and bust the teacher’s unions.

  12. I hope they really are trying to cut their own throats here. I have one school-aged son left at home who had to finish his sophomore year on-line – with ZERO teacher interaction. As an avid Scout leader, I know dozens more families with the same school problem. They got paid for 3 months of nothing. Any business owner would use this as trend analysis that suggests the expense is not necessary and can them all. Then we started seeing what the schools main job was – feeding kids. I can’t tell you how many e-mails I got reassuring me that the kids could come by to get their meals packaged for them. (I still haven’t seen a report card e-mail for the final semester.) Don’t get me wrong, it absolutely sucks that we have hunger in America, but since when is this the school’s single primary focus? Here in Tidewater VA, we still don’t even know what our individual school re-opening plan is. VA Beach is all online, Smithfield is half and half, the rest – phuck knows?

    My wife was also a special ed teacher. I am so happy she got away from that crap. Violent special needs kids sent to “mainstream” who often hit, pinched, or tried to stab her with Legos (seriously) and she had no recourse – her union couldn’t have cared less if she got sued by one these families. Phuck ’em.

  13. Teachers are mostly liberal women. They are scared out of their wits of getting Covi19. Thus, their list of demands have nothing to do with Covid19 and everything to do with liberalism. The demands can’t be met. This is their strategy for never having to go back to teaching in the classroom and still get paid.


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