Team Jeb Swirling the Bowl

Wash Exam-

The $12,000-a-month chief operating officer of Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign has departed.

Christine Ciccone is the highest-ranking official to leave the Bush campaign since deep payroll cuts were announced. After an auspicious beginning, fundraising has slowed, polling has stalled and the former Florida governor received largely negative marks for his performance in Wednesday night’s debate.

“I’ve got no comment. I’ve just got to go,” the Wall Street Journalquoted Ciccone as saying, while the Bush campaign expressed gratitude for her service.

Bush is down to seventh place in the latest Washington Examiner power rankings.

20 Comments on Team Jeb Swirling the Bowl

  1. Until the turd is completely flushed and doesn’t float back – then I will celebrate.
    And you can thank Trump for that 😉

  2. Running for President is both very expensive and very lucrative! $12,000 a month and yet Yebby Love ‘those Hispanics’ Bush is in seventh place and circling the drain! Guess they didn’t pay her enough to expect and get positive results! Those poor fools, I could have achieved the same results but would have done it
    for a measly $11,500 a month!

  3. Yep it has all gone down just the way Cruz and Trump planned it. Jeb is going out, Cruz is going up and now the moderates will coalesce behind Rubio and it will be Cruz vs Rubio with Cruz for the win. Thank you Donald Trump for your service you are a great American.

  4. As a 36 year plumber, I can assure you that the turd ain’t gone till the swirling stops. And sometimes it’s hung in the trap. The only way to be sure is to flush another one, and see if it goes straight down.

  5. He’s gonna stay in the race like Huckabeast did the last time. He will NEVER LEAVE. He’ll bribe his way into another debate with a shit ton of Guaca Bowles and GW’s books if he needs to. He’s desperate.

  6. Hahahaha, like the football team that put in the ‘special’ student water boy to run the football down the field for a ‘touchdown’ as the opposing team pretends to really play!

  7. I’ll bet you real money 😉
    Please tell me how Ted Cruz wins the general election?
    The American people don’t even know who Ted Cruz is. And those who do, know him as the guy who shut down the government.
    What Dem crossover votes does he gain?
    I LOVE TED CRUZ – but you have to be REALISTIC!
    McCain couldn’t win. Romney couldn’t win. Both “moderate” Republicans. What makes you think Cruz can do it?

  8. Maybe it’s because he did it before.

    He was running for the US Senate in Texas against a very popular ex-Governor of Texas. NOBODY said he would win. NOBODY expected him to win.

    He won.

    Other than that, I just don’t know.

    Real money? hehe I’m a poor slob that makes less working than most welfare deadbeats in Minnesota! How about one of my wheat pennies? It’s worth 200% of it’s value!

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