Team Kamala Hits the Reset Button . . . again

Patriot Retort: In a New York Times report on Kamala Harris last month, we learned that the floundering, unpopular Veep has been seeking advice from several Democrat women to help her reset her flagging public image. Among the Democrat women Kamala has prevailed upon is none other than Hillary Clinton, the Queen of the Reset Button.

Hillary’s numerous resets during the 2016 election campaign became a bit of a running joke. It seemed like every few weeks, some news outlet would report that her campaign people had a plan to “reintroduce” Hillary Clinton to the American people. As if we hadn’t already gotten a pretty good picture of who that woman was.

In September 2015, they tried “reintroducing Hillary” to us by having Hillary show us her “humor” and “heart.” I described that version of Hillary as “Reset Number Four.”

The funny thing is, the New York Times article about Hillary’s Reset Number Four came right out and admitted that the “previous attempts” to reintroduce Hillary Clinton to the voters “have backfired amid criticism that the efforts seemed overly poll-tested.” more

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  1. Has this become a contest between Kamalaka Ding Dong and Killary? I think this is the fourth time that Kamalaka Ding Dong has tried again, and Killary is off the scale. Hillary did get an earlier start since she did get going in the 90s (or should we include her being named for Edmund Hillary?)

    I am getting lost. Hillary, Moose or Kamalaka? D@mn, now that I think of it, should we throw DOCTOR Jill in (ignore the latest woke Dr. Who, for which I am really sad about, I did like that series)

  2. The truth about this asshole, in summary: she really is an airhead, who fucked and sucked Willie Brown (an enormously powerful CA politician in an enormously corrupt state government) – and Brown kept appointing her to positions of power, where she had great titles, but did nothing. Harris was able to hide her ineptness with her bitch act, but on the national stage, she’s been blown (no pun intended) wide open (no pun intended).

    Here’s a great article about it:

  3. Hillary Clinton was the first “fake” smartest woman on the planet. Moose Obama was the second. Harris the whore is third. Jill Biden is too stupid to place.

  4. Reset?

    Is she now going to acknowledge her Indian(India) side with Math instead of Maff and English instead of Fake Street Lingo?

    Good luck but neither side wants her now.

  5. Jeezus, so tired of the Kamalarrhea and Hillarococcus variants. Nothing new, just the same creeping crud. Get these oozing chancre sores out of view. Ugh.

  6. Kamala is clearly an intellectual lightweight, lazy, and concerned only about her own ass. For Democrats this is usually fine, but the politician needs to have a smooth patter and play sincere concern with a degree of verisimilitude. Ms. Harris does not possess either the necessary false sincerity nor the smooth line. She wouldn’t last five minutes on the street unless she was selling that ass and its questionable she’d be able to figure out she’s occupying a niche market in that business.

  7. everybody knows the problem is if you put her on a pair of rollerskates & strapped a mattress to her back she’d come back w/ 35 cent & a fistfull of IOU’s

  8. You can’t reset a child.

    You can spank em.
    You can put em in timeout.
    You can take away a favorite item.

    You can do all 3 but at they end of the day they are still children.

    Commiela is a insecure child with a low IQ. She is a trained seal that can spout word salad that sounds intelligent but is inchoate babbel.

    The Pedo is an insecure child wuth a low IQ that spouts slurred gibberish, has no memory for detail or names, and is a trained seal that reads from a teleprompter and screws even that up. They shut him up with ice cream that he cradles like the child he is.

    You simply can’t reset stupid.

    We are in the very best of hands…

  9. She’s the product of a fraudulent election.
    It doesn’t matter what she does or doesn’t do.
    She still gets paid. They (her handlers) are only trying to make her reasonably acceptable to Joey’s moronic followers.
    They don’t GAF about what the Americans think.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Easy sleazy lemon squeezy…
    Which reminds me – Years ago I modified one of the “Easy” Buttons with a recordable chip and mic so that it would say anything you recorded on it.

  11. Instead of hitting the reset they need to scrap the whole thing and build back better. But first they need to agree on how, and they will never be able to do that.

  12. While the demonrats scheme to come up with their next Big Lie can we please bulldoze them out of the way? Life is short.

    I want my country back and I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and clean up their embarassing fricking shitshow.

  13. Commie-la is so stupidly incompetent that the Democrat Party can hit the RESET button all day like a labrat hitting the food-pellet bar but it still won’t change a damn thing.

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