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Team Walk Back strikes again

Patriot Retort: Before flying to London for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, Joe Biden recorded a 20-minute interview for 60 Minutes and by the time it aired, the White House had to walk back two statements made by the guy supposedly in charge of the White House.

Old Joe told Scott Pelley that the American military would fight to defend Taiwan should it be invaded by China.

Biden’s declaration was quickly followed by a voice-over from Pelley explaining the White House walk back.

5 Comments on Team Walk Back strikes again

  1. That segment wasn’t live. It was recorded. Why couldn’t they just do another take of the question and answer? We all know Pelley wasn’t there for a “gotcha” interview…
    Maybe….slowjoe is so screwed up these were the best takes they could get out of him….

  2. The funniest part was where Joe was asked what he would do if Russia used nukes or bio weapons. The idiot replied “I wouldn’t tell you even if I knew!” Almost a correct answer. Then a few minutes later he was asked what he would do if China invaded Taiwan, and the imbecile-in-chief started blathering about how he would send in troops, etc., directly contradicting his previous answer. Even worse, he already got in trouble previously for answering the Taiwan question in the same way. I bet Joey has to be potty trained every day, all over again.


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