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Teamsters blow off Hillary- Want to meet with Trump

trump vs hillary

Teamsters officials met behind closed doors today. The union refused to endorse Hillary Clinton for president.
The officials told FOX News they want to meet with Donald Trump.

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  1. From what I understand, and Trump said this a couple of times, you can’t build anything in NY with non-union workers.

    But I’m with Stranded, below. Unions are bad news in this country. They once had their place, but now they exist for the enrichment of union bosses and their overpriced workers. Unions, for the most part, are criminally corrupt just like the pols they buy to protect and further their activities. And I’m not a big fan of the communist clenched fist, workers-of-the-world-unite sloganeering.

  2. They use each other. Pick yer poison. When used against the Hillbag I’m all for it! Potshots against the Clinton Crime Family ain’t gonna cut it. Ya gotta use artillery!

  3. I am in such a good mood lately, and I don’t think it’s just from being on vacation since September 18. Every day brings a new revelation about Madame Secretary’s e-mails, Yeb is hurting, and now this.

    I just looked at the cat and said, “Gimme five, Bro!” He looked at me like I was some kind of loon and slunk away.

  4. Yeah. If it’s not Cruz, I’d like Trump to win…
    …but having the endorsement of the “we can deliver votes…by the pound” kinda guys doesn’t leave exactly a “True The Vote” kind of feeling in me.

  5. Sorry,bout those Teamsters, I don’t think they are any where near as bad as the Commie SEIU ACLU.Really don’t need any of ’em any more.

  6. Trump won’t take their money but you better believe he’ll take their endorsement.

    25-30% of the black vote – already – and add in the high % of latino vote and NOW, possibly adding in the TEAMSTERS?

    It’s over. The election is over. Trump has it. To nominate anyone else is to hand the WH over to the dems.

    No RINO will get that kind of backing. I doubt even Cruz could get that backing.

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