Teary Nelson’s “Moore Forced Himself On Me” Story Takes Two HUGE HITS

The first hit is the type I really like. It’s when a liar gets caught weaving a tale because they apply the modern day world to their olden day lie.

Rush caught it-


This is 1977? Somebody tell me: In 1977, were there child locks on the door? In other words, could the driver push a button that would make sure all windows and doors could not be opened? Was that present in 1977, because she says she couldn’t get out. But did child locks…? Were they in 1977 vehicles. I’m trying to remember what I had in 1977. I had a Pontiac… Well, it was a pretty big Pontiac. The car I had didn’t have them in there. But I didn’t drive every car that’s out there. You know, the button on the driver’s side where you can flip it and nobody can open a door.

It’s to protect kids from opening windows and doors when the car is moving. But if that wasn’t present… (interruption) Child-locking mechanisms have been required since 19… (interruption) Contained…? (interruption) Okay. They’ve been in the automobile since the early eighties. They’ve been required, is that what you’re saying? Required in automobiles since the early eighties? Cars have been built with the feature, not required. Cars began to be built with the child lock feature in the early eighties.

Well done Rush.

The second hit is not the “gotcha, ya liar” type. But it’s extremely weighty.

It’s when a family member calls you a liar!

Gateway Pundit-

Nelson’s stepson:

“I’ve known the woman, she married my father many, many years ago. I’ve known her for a while now, and I truly do not believe that she’s being honest about this,” added Nelson.

“You, Mr. Moore, your wife, I apologize for whatever reasons she is doing this i am truly sorry… I stand behind you 100%!”

“To my stepmother, whatever reason you did this, I have a few questions on this. Why did you wait so long if this did happen? You said you were a teenager when it happened, but here it is now, how many years later? And all of a sudden you’re going to bring it up when we voted him into the House and you trying to get him [taken] out? I’m not going to have.”

Later, Nelson acknowledged that he knew he was going to get backlash from his family, but said clearing up the false allegation is worth the trouble.

“I don’t believe a word she says, but I do believe [Moore] is innocent.”

Nelson concludes the video by offering to issue a statement on behalf of the Moore campaign.

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  1. There’s no way she would be brought to hysterical tears recalling that story after 40 years. If it was an actual rape and an abortion involved, I could see it.

  2. I, too, owned a new 1977 Pontiac (Bonneville). It had every option and feature. No child locks — or driver remote to lock every door.


    Also, there was the “Roy Moore” entry to her year book signed “Christmas, 1977” in which the handwriting is obviously from two sources — neither of which look exactly like Moore’s handwriting. And yearbooks come out in the spring, not the fall or at Christmas time (unless she made a point of presenting her yearbook to him much later). And the spelling of “Old (Restaurant I can’t remember the name of) is misspelled. Very sketchy evidence, to me, anyway.

  3. I’m sorry, when my poor, old eyes see “Two HUGE HITS”, my 29 year-old brain sees something else. That title verges on clickbait lol

  4. OT: Please forgive me, but I want my iotwReport friends to know that Dinesh D’Souza will be at Kane Hall at UW tomorrow night at 8:00 p. Tickets are free! (or you can buy expensive tix at the UW Hubtix site if you want to have a nosh and some wine with D’Souza beforehand). Just show up early for a seat. So happy to know there is a YAF chapter at the UW.

  5. Outdoorjohn – I said it somewhere in another thread, too, that Hannity is a self-appointed morals counselor. I don’t hate him, but I can’t listen to his radio show anymore because he will start reading from the Good Book of Hannity, the Special Edition chapter of Sean Hannity. And he’ll throw in some tennis, and go on and on about his construction job days…

  6. Hannity showed today that he is very afraid of losing some sponsors and set the wheels in motion to mollify them! Apparently his bravado of days past was false bravado! But money does talk and it talks very loud!

  7. Since nobody can suffer Hollywood acting any longer, all acting has been relegated to politics.
    I don’t believe any of it.

  8. Just a few scientific facts about the “dark” night of the incident:

    Gadsen, AL weather on 12/22/1977: Clear

    Phase of moon at 10:00 PM: Waxing Gibbous (nearly full) at midpoint in the sky (87% visible).

    Links below:




    Do the research, let me know if you see different. It was not a dark night as she said, it was actually pretty bright, unless she was being metaphorical.

  9. @AA The handwriting looks like a girl wrote at least part of that autograph. The way the “e” are written strike me as feminine especially. If there were any words with “i” in them I’d expect they’d be dotted with hearts.

  10. The 2nd link does not display correctly, but if you enter the following:
    Gadsden is at 34 degrees North, 86 degrees East
    Universal time (Greenwich Mean Time) in Gadsden at 10:00 PM is 17:00 PM Central time (US).

    Fun with astronomy!

  11. Rush’s observation reminded me of the first woman that accused Trump of being an octopus and told a story about being in first class and Trump raising the chair divider to grope her. My husband who travels weekly immediately said you can’t raise the seat in first class. When you tell the truth you don’t have to worry about getting details wrong.

  12. When I was about sixteen or so I was involved in a terrible car crash. I don’t need notes to describe it. It was back around 1957.
    This broad is a fake. I’m for Judge Moore all the way.

  13. Illustr8r — haah! Yeah, little bubble hearts. Exactly. Dang, they must think the average Deplorable is dumb as a mud fence.

  14. @AA…

    He was Deputy District Attorney(DDA) at the time, not DA as is written. Of course, he could have been puffing up to impress a schoolgirl, but the addition of DA looks to me like an unnecessary detail added for period authenticity by a hoaxer too clever by half, and it gives away the game. Kind of like the “child lock” flourish.

  15. why would someone be carrying their high school yearbook around a diner in December, when yearbooks are given out in the spring so the students can get autographs before the school year is out in June?

  16. Thirdtwin — Yeah, I read that too! Someone should do a YT vid of this woman — “Dum dum criminal” She’s a tool and I hope she got enough money to make trashing herself worthwhile.

  17. Totally bogus. She could never sell that hysterical-sobbing-PTSD act, after 40 years, to me if I were a juror in a rape trial.

    As described its just totally unbelievable.

    Gadsden’s a nice little town. Even smaller in the 1970s. A violent rapist could never have operated there. And especially not the town’s unmarried young churchgoing DA.

    As the stepson says, I wonder why she’s doing it. Money certainly, attention of course, and maybe also 40 year old revenge from a 15 year old unrequited crush on a 30 year old man who never flirted back, and treated her like a nice kid in the 10th Grade who refilled his coffee at the diner.

  18. I’m pretty sure some cars had power locks and windows, however if memory serves me correct all you had to do to unlock them from the inside is pull the knob up. That was no different than manual locks. Ford models could be unlocked from the inside by pulling the door handle.

    Plus the signature and everything written after the signature was written in blue ink, the rest in black ink. I’m assuming she’s trying to say he wrote in her yearbook while he was groping her, ripping her shirt off and pushing her head into his lap.

    Her crying was fake. She reminds me of this woman I know who can turn on the faucet at the drop of a hat and then shut it off just as quick. Some women and men(especially queer men) just like attention. She’s probably dreaming of paid interviews and a book deal over her night of terror.

  19. I was looking at the yearbook again, look at every ‘a’ in the message and then look at Roy, it sure looks like the same ‘a’ throughout the message. IMO the person who wrote it and signed it was Ray.
    Everything after Ray/Roy is in blue ink and is written by someone different and it looks like a woman wrote it.

  20. I had a big ’78 Chrysler. The driver could lock out the power windows, but not the locks. Driver could lock all doors with one switch, but passengers could either unlock the door via power button or the manually.

  21. Moore’s attorney stated that “D.A.” was the initials of Moore’s court clerk. Looks like the signature was copied (forged) from court records (Nelson appeared before Moore in a divorce proceding) and they assumed D.A. stood for district attorney but it was actually his clerk’s initials. Also, this would prove Nelson was lying when she said she hadn’t seen Moore since 1977 since she saw him in court for the divorce case.


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