Tech Founder Born In USSR Warns About Facebook’s Metaverse, Compares It To Soviet-Style Propaganda

National File: A tech company founder has trashed the Facebook concept of the metaverse and said it represents the same type of thinking he heard as a child in the former Soviet Union.

“’Metaverse’ is a squishscammy word. If you include things like video games and, um, the Internet, it’s already a big success. AR has future potential. But I’m calling b——t on a persistent, decentralized, skeuomorphic, interconnected 3D world, experienced primarily through VR,” Phil Libin, founder of the app Evernote and the CEO of the video-conferencing company Mmhmm, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

Libin, 49, also teed off on the metaverse during a podcast released Tuesday, according to Business Insider.

Libin said the same type of a sales pitch expressed by tech companies about the metaverse was a standard part of the pro-communism speeches he heard as a child in Soviet Leningrad, which has since reverted to its former name of St. Petersburg. read more

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  1. Libin’s last comment about VR not taking off because no one wants to spend any time with a piece of plastic stuck in their face, is way off! First, the guy obviously has not seen any children with these VR toys. They’re absolutely enthralled with them. Second, after a stuffy mask over the bottom half of your face all day, what’s a little plastic strapped over your eyeballs?
    He’s right about the propaganda. VR is dangerous because it’s a precursor to far worse.

  2. And just like communism, the Metaverse has its “Five Year Plan”:

    “Beijing — China’s largest city is serious about the Metaverse. Metaverse is a technology that has received a lot of attention this year as it has the potential to shape the next generation of the Internet…This year, Chinese government ministries and local governments have issued a five-year development plan to show how they are aiming to implement the central government’s five-year plan issued in March.”,five-year%20plan%20to%20develop%20the%20electronic%20information%20industry.

    It’s coming, comrade! Soon!

    (You’d think they would change it to “Four Year Plan” or something, just to throw us old cold warriors off, but I guess it’s part of the “skeuomorphics”.)


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