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Ted Cruz: Bad Lip Reading

Whoever did the voice came pretty close to sounding like the candidate.


I’ve heard a few people say what an asset Heidi Cruz is to her husband.


Apparently she really carried the campaign in Texas

But this Bad Lip Reading complied from their political ads gives a different impression.


12 Comments on Ted Cruz: Bad Lip Reading

  1. Damn Dr.Tar,
    you mention Heidi Cruz and a certain group of Trumpsters on iotw head’s start exploding.

    They get out their tin-foil hats and start voodoo chanting “Goldman-Sachs, Goldman-Sachs, Goldman-Sachs”

    Somebody better have a sedative handy.

  2. Hated it, especially the whole Baby-Daddy-thing. It wasn’t funny at all. It was all over the place a mess.

  3. This was mean spirited if you compared it to the NFL ones. Bad voice and edits and not really funny-IMHO.

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