Ted Cruz Calls Trump Supporters “Lofos”


Gateway Pundit

Ted Cruz: “Listen, Donald does well with voters who have relatively low information, who are not that engaged and who are angry and they see him as an angry voice. Where we are beating him is when voters’ get more engaged and they get more informed. When they inform themselves, they realize his record. He’s what they’re angry at. He is the corruption, and if you want someone to stand up to Washington, the only one who has been doing so in this race is me.”

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  1. C’mon Ted, you’re smarter than that aren’t you. A statement like that is best received by the lofo’s that you are speaking of.

  2. Yeah, well, if you actually listen to what he said, he was repeating what Trump said. Trump said he loves his low info, low educated voters. lol. If you don’t like it repeated, don’t say it that way in the first place. Common sense, no?

    When does this election cycle start getting serious?

  3. With the same information in my noggin, I’m supporting you Ted, and Mr. Trump! Come Primary Day April 19, I’ll make a choice. Don’t make it any more difficult for me

  4. Not a helpful statement by Cruz, but in all honesty, Trump HAS supported some of the corruption in Washington and Cruz HAS consistently stood up against it.
    I would like to see Trump and Cruz go at it mano a mano.

  5. Um, MJA —“Yeah, well, if you actually listen to what he said, he was repeating what Trump said. Trump said he loves his low info, low educated voters. lol. If you don’t like it repeated, don’t say it that way in the first place. Common sense, no?—-

    No. Trump was mocking/embracing the often repeated insult about his voters. Who is lofo now? 😉

  6. It always pains me to see Cruz stoop to the level of his rival.
    I don’t think it has ever worked to his favor and I don’t understand why he does it.

  7. MJA being “well educated” i.e. college degree, does not mean well informed. Check out Watters world.
    On the other hand, being “unwell educated” i.e. High School, Blue collar does not mean uninformed. Just sayin.’

    But Frank’s Rules #1 and #2 apply here to both Ted and The Donald

  8. It was bad enough when Glen Beck got behind Cruz.:::barf::: I suddenly seriously doubted Cruz could be what we need if baby man Beck was for him.

    Now we’ve got the Bushes supporting him (Neil Bush). I heard that the great Texas Lady Babs Bush would like to strangle Trump…. something like that…exact words escape me.:::cringe:::

    The Bush Royal Offspring endorsement for Cruz is not good. Red flashing lights all over it .

  9. Not a smart move. I could put up with the hardcore God thing and the terrible public persona but insulting me is not wise. I will hold my nose and vote for Cruz, hell even the mailman’s son but never Ruboto.

  10. I still like both of them but for different reasons. I’d prefer them to rip on democrat voters, but what do I know?

  11. Not the best move by Cruz. Frank nailed it. but I don’t think it is a deal breaker. I think it is probably true to a goodly portion of his base but certainly not all. That still doesn’t make it smart.

  12. I like Cruz, but his face resembles the face of LBJ, another of the most corrupt presidents in history. Sad thing is that he can’t change that.

    I admire the way he stood against the RINO GOP in the senate.

    I know he is not perfect, but if I wait for a perfect candidate, damn Clinton will ensure that what little freedom we have left will be gone.

  13. It is disappointing that Ted is acting Trumpesque. There is really no need to do that. I didn’t like it when Trump called the Iowa voters stupid for letting Cruz win. I didn’t like it when Trump said he loves the uneducated. The lofo voters won’t even know what he said or care, he just ticked of the angry crowd that loves it when Trump insults people because that’s Trump’s schtick.

    Ted should not try to out asshole Trump. Trump is the master of that.

    Stick to the issues Ted!

  14. O/T, but did y’all listen to Rush today? Rush posited that Kasich is staying the race in the hopes he will be appointed Postmaster General.

    Now, that right there is funny!

    (and graphic worthy)

  15. once again (a pattern developing here?) Trump’s words are taken out of context

    “”We won the Evangelicals. We won with young. We won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated. We’re the smartest people, we’re the most loyal people.”

    “poorly educated’ ain’t exactly calling people lo-fos …. sounds like typical political bs …. coming from ‘Mr. Outsider’

    ….but, all’s fair in love & politics ….

  16. Unfortunately, we are now at the point where the majority of the electorate is, in fact Lofo. This was proven in 2008 and again in 2012. The fact that Trump appeals to Lofo voters doesn’t mean he can’t also appeal to high-information voters too. It will take both to win the election, a fact that seems to escape Ted.

  17. How can I be a Lofo by reading IOTW everyday and even responding to some threads. Teddy made one fatal mistake calling Trump supporters LOFOs, he made us all aware not to vote for you Teddy. Go Trump!

  18. IOTWReport makes me stupid. I’ve learned NOTHING from this website and I have not grown as a conservative ever since I “accidentally” came across this non-informative site several years back.


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