Ted Cruz Camp Claiming Trump Set Him Up To Make Him a Pariah

Ben Shapiro reports-

Late Wednesday night, a source within the Cruz team informed Daily Wire exclusively that the Trump campaign had sandbagged Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) over his speech at the Republican National Convention. Cruz spoke at the RNC, where he congratulated Trump on his campaign victory, then spoke about the necessity for freedom and finally stated that Americans should “vote your conscience.” He was met with resounding boos on the floor of the convention; his wife Heidi had to be rushed from the room; according to reports, one Republican delegate physically accosted Cruz, and Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson refused to meet with Cruz.

According to the source, the entire Cruz speech was cleared by the Trump campaign. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, expressly approved the speech at 4:30 PM ET. The source, who was standing on the convention floor at the time of the speech, said that Trump operatives were present, urging the crowd to boo. “This was orchestrated by the Trump campaign to make Senator Cruz a pariah within the party,” said the source.

“Senator Cruz was a little surprised by the depth of the boos,” the source said. “Donors have been emailing, declaring that he’s dead, that it’s the end of his political career.


This is what happens when you make a long speech detailing the absolute dangers of a Hillary Clinton being allowed to continue Obama’s policies and then you shrug and tell the people to “vote their conscience” – code for, don’t vote for Trump because it will weigh on your conscience.

Live with it Ted. You made yourself the pariah, not Trump.

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  1. “Vote your conscience” was not a dog-whistle as you said last night BFH. Only dogs hear dog whistles. I heard, I will do what I need to do, you do what you need to do. We are a free people. But not Hillary! Only other option unless you want to waste your vote is Trump. I’m glad he didn’t endorse. But he did tell his devotees (not me) to at least go out and vote for the best Constitutionalist in the race, which is obviously Trump.

  2. When Cruz started going all Holy Ghost with the crowd in Iowa way back when, I knew he was finished. Pat Robertson stood a better chance in ’88.

  3. Ben “diapers” Shapiro says, “…the entire Cruz speech was cleared by the Trump campaign” Yet I’ve read elsewhere that Cruz spoke for almost 3x the length of the vetted speech.

    Whatever, Cruz is history. He could have had a place at the table but it’s just not his style. It is what it is.

  4. typical elite insider response for not being popular, “it’s someone else’s fault”.

    it couldn’t possibly be the immigration stance cruze took could it?
    it couldn’t possibly be he’s not a natural born citizen could it?
    it couldn’t possibly be he’s not the leader trump is could it?
    it couldn’t possibly be that the citizens are fed up with professional lawyer politicians who seem to all become miraculously wealthy during their terms of public service could it?

    naw, he was set up by the trump camp.
    lying ted sounds like he’s “crying ted” now.

  5. We’ve suffered through 8 years of a petulant little girl pretending to be Preznit, thank goodness we no longer have that prospect on the Republican side.

    I like(d) Ted, but his speech exemplifies what kind of weight an oath carries with him.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Typical “blame Trump” cop-out from that whiny creep.

    I’m glad it happened.
    Cruz showed himself to be the self-serving, duplicitous punk that he is.
    He’s done, and good riddance !!

  7. Cruz proved himself to be a shitpickle. All he managed to do last night was further divide the party and launch #NeverCruz

  8. “And to those listening, please, don’t stay home in November,” Cruz said. “Stand and speak, and vote your conscience. Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.”


  9. All he had to do was say ‘vote Trump’, and he didn’t. That was it. He knows Killary is the only other option. He specifically did not say that. And it says all that needs to be said about Cruz.
    Until December 2015 everything Cruz said was honest and honorable, presidential. Whether the change was an unmasking of reality or a radical new direction for Cruz, he brought it on himself.

  10. Less than one term as a Senator – Check
    Questionable citizenship – Born in Canada – Check
    Lawyer who can’t answer a simple yes or no question – Check
    Supported as Glenn Beck’s new messiah – Check
    Wife with shady financial connections and bought off by Goldman Sachs – Check
    The Cuban mistress crisis prostitute scandal – Check
    I believe his chances of ever becoming President were over before he ever started.

  11. Ted Cruz didn’t lose his mojo last night because the oily snit never had it in the first place!


  12. Woke up this morning to see “What Fresh Hell is this.”
    Glad to find I didn’t miss a thing!Took a break didn’t watch.Sleep is good.

  13. If that dumbass Cruz had endorsed Mr.Trump he would have had a standing ovation. All he needed to do is keep his word, he couldn’t do it.

  14. I heard Chris Wallace say ” why do people take such an instant dislike to Ted Cruz? Because it saves so much time.”
    He is a greasy asshole using Lawyer talk like a teenager arguing esoteric strains of responsibility over taking out the trash

  15. Didn’t Cruz pledge to “support” the eventual nominee?
    Didn’t pledge to remain aloof, but to “support” the nominee?

    What value has a man’s word, pledge, or oath – that cannot survive a year?

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Cruz is supposed to be brilliant and Trump is the dolt even 9 year olds understand but somehow Trump approving the speech or not stopping it puts the blame on him?! I think Trump would much rather have an endorsement or even have someone be gracious and mention his name then try to make Cruz a pariah which he does quite well himself.

    He is addressing the TX delegate right now and is saying I AM NOT VOTING FOR HILLARY. When you have to explain what you meant you miss the mark.

  17. I fully expected Cruz’s greasy face to split open and the reptile emerge before us all. And it did!
    He just swan-dived off the Trump tower and even Heidi’s Goldman-Sachs parachute can’t stop that freefall to obscurity!

  18. Great garbage comment, Lazlo.

    I’m officially done with these whiny Cruz-bots sniveling through snot-bubbles over what might have been, or in their delusional dream of winning in 2020.

    Ted did not keep his pledge to support the nominee.

    Is I recall, Cruz was the first to bring wives into this, trying to paint Melania in a negative light. Trump hit back hard, and voters saw Cruz a bit more clearly.

    Bye, Ted. We’ll let you know about that Supreme Court nomination. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

  19. Not buying any of it. That shit might work with the refs on a soccer field, but not here. I don’t believe Manafort approved “vote your conscience”, because it wasn’t in the coppy he vetted. And if, somehow, the Cruz team was honest enough to show Manafort exactly what Ted would say. Trump probably said , “Let ted hang himself. I’m have bigger things to worry about.”

    But you #nevertrumpers go on parsing every speech, picking every nit and pulling passive-aggressive stunts. Every hour, you are smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror.

  20. “Senator Cruz was a little surprised by the depth of the boos,” the source said. “Donors have been emailing, declaring that he’s dead, that it’s the end of his political career.
    This is why Trump won and Cruz lost. Cruz was so power hungry and thought his $hit didn’t stink that he should win and not Trump. Goes to show you that Cruz is not as smart as Trump. Maybe Trump did set Cruz up, so what! Cruz took the bait. Go Trump!!!!! Cruz is done, stick a fork in him!

  21. Ted Cruz spent his whole speech telling everyone how important this election will be, then made clear he’ll be hoping Crooked Hillary wins.

    Anyone trying to do anything with a convention speech besides support the party AND ITS NOMINEE should expect to get slapped. The rest of us want to win with the candidate we have.

    I understand why Senator Cruz might not have wanted to do so on principle, but he had the choice to decline. Cry me a river.

  22. If Cruz wanted a public apology for his wife and father he should have asked for it before speaking. Or manned up and demanded it instead of speaking. Instead he just filmed a commercial for Hillary Clinton with his comments at the Texas Delegation this morning.

    All he has done is give her some ammo and prove that Donald Trump is the bigger man.

  23. Ted Cruz is dead to me. All he’s ever done is talk. He doesn’t DO anything. He and Beck should just sleep together and get it over with.
    Nobody will support you in the future, Cruz. No. One.

  24. It was a Cruz cronie who fired the first shot about wives and he’s lying about what Trump said about his father. Cruz is a loser through and through

  25. President Trump will find a way to heal this party…maybe offer an olive branch to Cruz: an appointment to SCOTUS (thus ending his political career officially). Stranger things have happened…Hillary appointed to State…only she came back to haunt us all.

  26. I actually feel bad for Ted. He got Butt-hurt and won’t get over it.
    Rick Perry actually said it. “I got my feelings hurt”
    If Cruz was trying to be Reagan 1976 he was like a tribute band:
    I don’t care how good a job you do,
    You ain’t the real deal

  27. He should have said “Vote Republican” – but the lawyer in him just couldn’t, he had to get in that last little dig

  28. Ted just proved how totally unstoppable his ground game is….wait what?
    He didn’t need to endorse Trump, he just needed to stand up aand support the party and the party platform. He could have picked out all the bit’s that he liked and said vote Republican and he would have achieved his supporters goals for him; supporting the Party, sort of honoring his pledge and not endorsing Trump.

  29. Ben Shapiro’s PROJECTIon – as with JohnS’ – is EXACTLY the sort of mental disconnect (READ: illness) I speak of when I point out their “Oh, woe is me! I’m the victim!” PROJECTION.

    The #NTers and Cruz-sycophants-cum-psychophants
    have reached the depths of the leftists.

    NOW is the time they become MOST DANGEROUS.
    Sad to say, but they are now the enemy within.

  30. Sooo…..they are saying that Cruz is not smart enough to understand the implications of a speech that he wrote? Not able to realize the effect that his words and NON endorsement may have on a crowd at a convention? Not intelligent enough to know that the point of the convention was to put party unity above personal animus?

    Cruz is not smart. This is what they are saying. And it is someone else’s fault that they didn’t tell him what to say or not say.

    Thank GOD he didn’t get the candidacy. Who want someone that dumb or clueless.

  31. My email to Senator Cruz:

    “Senator Cruz,

    Your speech at the RNC was a bit uninspiring and sounding of one note. However, the biggest disappoint was your not even encouraging the voters to back the party, but to vote their conscious.

    That means, to we, the people, that we should stay home, or split the vote, or vote in opposition to Trump-for Hillary.

    What a shame. Your pledge was broken, clearly, which makes you just another politician in the eyes of voters who chose Trump. I was a Cruz person, but the end days of your campaign disappointed me and allowing Beck to turn your campaign into a circus, was horrific.

    We heard your family stories so much (repeated almost verbatim, last night) that if the rest of America is like me, we tuned you out.

    I really expected a lot more class from you. You did not have to endorse Trump by name, but you should have firmly endorsed the Republican Party, easpecially AGAINST Hillary Clinton.

    Thank you.

  32. And Cruz doubled down at a meeting with delegates this morning. Sarah Palin was right. He deleted his career. He’s not a man of his word. His word means nothing. That’s enough for me. Bye bye, lyin’ Ted!

  33. ted shit all over his self last night. he also fouled the RNC and the citizens of the USA. He could have made an effort to help unify the party but instead choose the low road. Do not expect this Texan to ever cast a vote for Cruz again.

  34. -IOTW has become an echo chamber.

    Translation: I can’t believe my views are challenged. I need to find MY echo chamber.

  35. Whoopedy Goldberg and the crunts on The View are DEFENDING Cruz this AM.

    All the proof you need that Cruz would’ve been Romney 2016.

  36. I don’t really have anything to say one way or another about Ted Cruz, except that I think he needs to go see a urologist ASAP.

    Because he just stepped on his wing-wang, big time.


  37. I hate to say this, but throughout the years I’ve seen the same type of bullcrap in the pro-life movement. “MY way, My logic, MY group is better.” No wonder we still have abortion on demand and the morning after pill. Few groups are willing to swallow their “MY ideas, MY way” to unite solidly and win.

  38. This “blaming Trump” for Cruz’s own screw-up is just like his blaming Carson for criticizing him when Cruz’s team spread the LIE that Carson was leaving the campaign.

    DEFLECTION…when caught red-handed.


  39. Cruz could have stayed home like many others did. Cruz was offered a prime time speaking slot and was given the freedom of his own words. Trump is some how responsible for Cruz’s self orchestrated performance? Uh-umm, no.

    Eduardo Cruz had dreams and visions of being the record setting primary vote recipient that had campaigned against sixteen contenders. He is not.

    Tortured, beaten, stripped naked, and branded with hot pokers by that savage Trump. Ted managed to crawl to the microphone is his weakened state and stood in front of “his people” and espoused his belief in freedom, the fight against tyranny, and then pee-peed in the general direction of that savage Trump.

    Now to make us all “feel the anguish” the Cruz loyal “his people” will continue to angrily circle like yellow jackets for an opening to get in a sting.

  40. Somebody stuck their arm up Ted’s ass, and manipulated what he said?
    No, Ted, you did this to yourself. Even in the rarified atmosphere of Mordor-by-the-Potomac, even you know which way the political winds are blowing. And if you don’t, then more reason to be rid of you.

  41. It’s a odd time. Christie was “dead” to conservatives in October 2012 for walking hand in hand with Barry giving him the nudge he needed to beat Romney. Now he is a favorite and was touted as great Veep material for Trump. I suppose if Cruz comes out in the coming weeks and endorses Trump he will become a great guy again? It worked for Pence.

  42. Christie made a great speech, that’s about it.

    No one is loving Christie. I’m certainly not.

    But Christie, in contrast to Hillary’s transition team head, is like manna from heaven.
    It’s either Christie as a transition team head, or some progressive shitweasel heading Hillary’s.
    This is what some unfortunate sluggish types fail to understand.

    Why do you have this obsessive need to keep pointing out the obvious over and over and over again as if we do not know what is going on?

    Trump is not the ideal.
    Christie is not the ideal.
    Pence is not the ideal.

    We know that. We also know that it’s imperative that these people win.
    You keep getting stuck on stupid… “hey guys, these aren’t the best we could have had.”

    No shit, Einstein.
    We’re past that now.

  43. from BFH:
    Christie made a great speech, that’s about it.
    No one is loving Christie. I’m certainly not.

    101 TU’s. Christie’s speech was excellent and also a job application for a position in the Trump Cabinet.
    Christie and Cruz have the same habit of ‘me first, it’s all about wonderful ME’ over the US. We already Mr. IIIIIIMEMEMEMEME in the White House.

  44. Imagine a movie about the navy.
    There’s a crew on a ship that are misfits.
    They don’t do things quite the same way as the rulebook says.
    In fact, some seamen think they can’t be trusted, that they may possibly be traitors.
    The ship they are on had trouble keeping its course. It listed leftward in the past, but its been said to have been rectified.
    This ship is always left out of maneuvers. it’s a joke ship.

    One day the fleet is pinned down by enemy fire. It’s looking bad. It’s looking like the enemy may be taking command of the territory. The trusTed flagship has failed.

    Then, in the distance, what comes chugging over the horizon, that “leftward-listing” ship with its questionable crew making a beeline right for the enemy, firing its guns.

    Do you support that ship, or do you attack that ship, still thinking it can’t be trusted?

  45. Cruz was handed a golden opportunity to show some class. He could have hit a home run. Instead, he shit all over himself.

  46. Anonymous, that’s OK, I’m kind of like my old Golden Retriever, I’d rather be praised than punished but I’d rather be punished than ignored. TD’s are fine.

  47. Call me cynical, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ted got an offer (strictly under the table, of course) to leave those nasty ole Republicans and come on over and join the people who could really appreciate him for his views on Donald Trump and his candidacy.

    The question then would be whether or not he had enough Cruz control to resist it.


  48. So, your buddy videos you robbing a liquor store, and you think you look so dashing that you post it on your own Facebook page. But it’s Mark Zuckerberg’s fault that you’re going to prison, because his people didn’t stop you? (from posting it, not the robbery part – you’re good with that)

    This is the Double Secret, Shining Beacon, of Constitutional Conservatism.

    In the dark age the Trumpkins bring upon us, he will be missed.

  49. Trump may have been trying to “mend fences” with his invite of Cruz. Problem is the only tool Cruz brought to the job, were wire cutters. Cruz commits political suicide on the national stage and exposes his true colors.

    So sad for his kids.

  50. So Cruz making snide remarks to the the NY delegation was in the vetted speech?

    Off topic, but here’s a prediction from M4tM:

    Ted, having lost any value to the establishment and the globalists, gets served divorce papers from Heidi within a year. She moves on and marries a Goldman-Sachs executive. Ted moves back to Canada to practice law and dies of alcoholism.

  51. do you people have live chat on here– how do you all answer someone’s comments so fast? I have to go out and come back in later to see what was written about my post/ damn- guess I am to old to ever understand this PC. maybe I should call my grandkids to explain it to me.

  52. I find it funny that nobody has been talking about Trump, but instead Ted Cruz has dominated the airwaves.

    Trump taught Cruz well.

    …I’m just sayin’.

  53. Menderman,
    Oh, in your view that’s what Trump did, he torpedoed Cruz? It’s not that Cruz is creepy, talks to people like they are children, has a smile that looks like he’s a Simpson’s character, is oily, can’t answer a yes or no question without droning on and on and on and putting people to sleep, and takes the Lord’s name in vain by implying he’s been anointed by God to become the next president, and then lies about his clear record on issues? That had nothing to do at all with why he couldn’t gain traction?

    And no, in the scenario I built, the misfit ship did nothing accept to emerge as the last battleship capable of taking Hillary out while the others lay dead in the water.

    You can keep dreaming that Battleship Ted will rev up the engines and take out Hillary, but he can’t. Only Trump is left in this fight.

  54. @Anonymous: OK, you lost me. What in the world does that liquor store robbery story mean? I must be kinda slow, because I can’t relate it to anything going on here. Can we get a translation for the feeble-minded folks like me?



  55. Ben, you lost us all with the odd Michelle Fields support.

    Only one question for you Ben, why? We really don’t need to hear another thing from your mouth until you answer that question.

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