Powerline– Earlier today, Ted Cruz spoke to a rally protesting the administration’s Iran deal. Representatives of Code Pink and other radical groups, representing the establishment, crashed the rally and tried to shout him down. Cruz responded by inviting the leftists to the podium, where he engaged them in a civil debate. Medea Benjamin represented Code Pink, and another leftist or two was also heard from.

cruz iran nuclear deal protest

Did Cruz crush them? He did. Maybe that sounds easy, but try arguing with leftists in the midst of a howling crowd, while somehow maintaining control over the microphone and the dialogue. Cruz is a brilliant guy. We knew that. But what he did today deserves all the credit in the world. It isn’t easy to get down in the mud with leftists like Code Pink, and engage them on a rational basis. Kudos to Senator Cruz: Video Here


  1. Love The Donald and his brashness, but this is exactly why Ted is my guy. Very cool in these kind of settings. Imagine him debating any of the REgressive candidates. It’s going to be platitudes vs facts. The left will have their hair on fire, how dare he show such disrespect to_________

    He and Trump have met several times recently, I wonder what they were discussing.

  2. Cruz did handle that well, if it wasn’t for a couple of his recent votes in the Senate I would be all in for him.

  3. Absolute class.

    What I enjoyed most what Senator Cruz refusing to let the first protester duck the issue. Over and over again she tried to avoid the question of what happens to the returned funds. And he doesn’t let her get away with it. Fantastic.

    Then he allows the second guy to just absolutely be-clown himself with humor and class, all without breaking a sweat.

    Shades of everyone’s favorite happy warrior if he is on the top of the ticket, shades of a potential highly effective hatchet man if he is in the VP slot.

  4. Ted Cruz would be the PERFECT running mate for Donald Trump. Where Donald has a tendency to be, let’s say, mercurial, Ted is utterly unflappable. Even Mrs. Cruz has verified that you cannot get under the man’s skin, at least not visibly.

    I suggested on another board here last night that I think the best tack The Donald could take at this point is to announce his entire management team, his American Rescue Response Team, and given the traditionally ceremonial show-pony and malleable nature of the Vice Presidency, he could introduce Ted as his Vice President/Constitutional Compliance Officer, since the Supreme Court has so utterly failed on that front.

    There are so many exciting developments lately. God willing some of these play out for us.

  5. Thanks Cardigan for posting President Cruz doing what he does to all liberals and the MSM. I was going to post this after I got home today. I’m glad you beat me to it.

  6. Yeah yeah, of course Ted could handle Medea Benjamin. She has the intelligence of a broom.

    But who is the baby doll in the white dress?? I would bear her children!


  7. but..but..but…how did he do that without a teleprompter?

    I only wish Ted had been around to wipe the floor with Mr. “uh…uhhh…let me be perfectly clear…uh… (have I run out the clock yet)….uhhh…?” in 2008.

  8. I love the way Cruz exposed the ignorance and mental deficiency of those codepink lobotomite dhimmis. It was a big enough chore just to get that ugly Medea guy to shut the fuck up, but he went beyond that and made a complete ass out of all of them. They didn’t know whether to shit or go blind when he got through with them.

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