Ted Cruz – “I’m not running for Pastor-In-Chief”


In an interview with CBN, Cruz said that a president shouldn’t act as a pastor, and that if he becomes president he will, “be a president of everybody, president of every faith…”

“I’m not running to be ‘Pastor-In-Chief.’ It is not the calling of a political leader to deliver the salvation message. That is the calling of us as believers, it’s the calling of a pastor but it’s a different role to be a political leader.”



7 Comments on Ted Cruz – “I’m not running for Pastor-In-Chief”

  1. He wouldn’t be obligated to be the President for Islam since Islam is ONLY a political system, much like Marxism or Communism.

    Islam isn’t a religion and doesn’t fall under the First Amendment protections.

    Tell your friends.

  2. Tsunami is correct.
    Hitler is in Hell kicking himself for not calling Nazism a religion.
    Along those lines, Bernie will never be president because he is a Jew. I suspect the real Democrat candidate will surface in March or April.

  3. jpm.
    When it comes down to it, I just don’t like the guy. Period, end of story. If he’s the one left standing I will vote for him along with everyone in my family.

  4. He is not the alternative. He is the only hope so far. Trump is bleeding all over himself now. I don’t want a hot head like him running my country.

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