Ted Lieu is the gift that keeps on giving!

Patriot Retort: My hat’s off to Ted Lieu.  He really is the gift that keeps on giving.

He just keeps making the mistake of posting pictures that scream, “Photoshop me, Dianny! Photoshop me!!”  And every time he does, he hands me Grade-A Prime material on a silver platter.

Ted Lieu is made up entirely of low-hanging fruit.

Yesterday, this gift that keeps on giving wanted to bash Donald Trump for answering a hypothetical question posed to him by George Stephanopoulos. So he decided to do what he does best: post a snarky image on Twitter.

Because Ted’s a serious legislator, y’all.


I saw that tweet and smiled from ear-to-ear. No, not because it was clever of little Ted. But because, well, once again, he gave me the perfect Photoshop material.

Thanks, Ted!

So I quickly opened Photoshop, did my thing, then replied to his tweet with this:

6 Comments on Ted Lieu is the gift that keeps on giving!

  1. Seriously, he brings this on himself. He’s a paste-eating 10 year old girl sans the pony tail and hair ribbon which doesn’t match anything he’s wearing.

  2. Oh, Dianny, you didn’t! “low-hanging fruit”. 😳

    Sorry, I must be in a weird mood tonight!

    Shame on me.


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