Ted Lieu: Poster Child for the Red Wave

Patriot Retort: If you want one reason to vote for Republicans in the Midterms, allow me to present California Democrat Ted Lieu.

After the New York Times’ failed smear of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, Lieu – who clearly didn’t read beyond the headline – tweeted out this:

This is not okay. As a Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I call on @HouseForeign Chairman @RepEdRoyce to hold an oversight hearing on @StateDept spending on @nikkihaley and her deputy. https://twitter.com/comradewong/status/1040406689160282117 

So, Lieu wants Congress to investigate Nikki Haley and her deputy because the Obama Administration spent so much money on curtains.

Now, I expect this kind of stupid from the likes of David Hogg.

But Lieu is supposedly an attorney as well as a sitting member of the House of Representatives.

You just can’t fix this kind of stupid.

And when the Daily Caller kindly pointed out his error…

Well @tedlieu, did you read the article? If you did you would have seen the fact that the 6th paragraph states:

“A spokesman for Ms. Haley said plans to buy the curtains were made in 2016, during the Obama administration. Ms. Haley had no say in the purchase, he said.”


11 Comments on Ted Lieu: Poster Child for the Red Wave

  1. Hey, I’m stealing that meme and using it on Helen Keller the next time she complains that I’m playing my Glenn Miller records too loud.

    Wait, I mean Helen Thomas.

  2. Lest ANYONE forget.Hitlery-Killery
    spent thousands & thousands & thousands
    on crap libtard art for USA embassies around
    the world from “artist”that were demorat connected
    for way more than the ‘art’ was worth WHILE= Bengazi
    never got one penny for beefed up security.I think
    I learned that on this very site back then…

  3. Either Ted Lieu is digging his ideas out of the loo again. Or his ideas are only worthy of being deposited into the loo. He is – most certainly talking out the appropriate part of his anatomy for that function as well.

  4. To me, the scariest thing about a Democrat takeover is that Maxine Waters will chair these House committees:the
    Committee on Financial Services (Ranking Member)
    Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored Enterprises
    Subcommittee on Insurance, Housing and Community Opportunity
    Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations

  5. Lieu is just trying to grab some headlines so he can join the democrap circular firing squad running for 2020. Run teddie run. I fail to see any viable candidate from the democrap side.

    Biden, give me a break, this mental midget serial groper probably will not even carry his own state.
    Harris, doesn’t play well anywhere but California and her support there is declining due to her outrageous actions.
    Eric holder, enabler of the fast and furious debacle, contempt charges, an simply a legend in his own mind.
    Booker, soiled his mess kit with the Spartacus claim, history of failed management as a mayor and governor and a uber liberal viewpoint that will not sell well in mid America.
    Warren, known liar and progressive, has no answers to any problem other than raising taxes.
    Saunders, The very last thing this country needs is an avowed socialist. The voters know this.
    Hillary, shelf life has expired. Too many clouds hanging over her to be an effective candidate.
    What a slate. Trump and I can’t wait for the debates.


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