Ted Turner Brand To Be Erased

In what the Turner camp is calling betrayal, AT&T (who owns Warner Communication, which owns Turner Broadcasting) has announced its intention to retire the Ted Turner brand.

It is unclear if this move will have any effect on the programing on Turner’s legacy Cable News Network or Turner Broadcasting System, but it does clearly signal what NBC is calling “the end of an era.” More

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  1. Thanks for the notice, but if the entire Ted Turner enterprise were to disappear tonight, other than ludicrous soundbites from their knuckle draggers, regurgitated by media sources I trust, how would I know?
    Other than airport waiting areas, does CNN exist?

  2. ” his programs like a fawning interview with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and his seven-hour Portrait of the Soviet Union, with comical sentences like: “Once, the Kremlin was the home of czars. Today, it belongs to the people.”

    Hey….F*ck You Ted!

  3. You guys missed out on the original TBS when it was a one station UHF TV channel out of Atlanta. The 11 O’clock news was read by this guy behind a desk with a floozy sitting across his lap.

    It was a hoot.

  4. TCM classiic movies without commercials and played in proper format.
    We DVR them and watch on TCM on demand.
    We enjoy the oldies.

  5. You do realize that TCM announcer Ben mankiewicz is part of the socialist group, Young Turks, a group who is named after those that perpetrated the Armenian genocide, right? TCM engineers your viewing diet.

    Leftists infiltrate and destroy everything. Including classic movies.

  6. I don’t watch the commentary. Example: Last night we watched an old Kirk Douglas movie “Ace in the Hole” from around 1951. We skipped over the Carl Bernstein commentary. The movie was from 1951, but showed how a grandstanding reported manipulated a rescue of one man in a cave in, milking it for all it was worth. His character would have fit right in at CNN.
    TCM is still one of the best ways of watching classic movies.
    Okay, I compare it to Costco. Sure, it is a leftist company, but there are a lot of gteat bargains.

  7. As long as they still will show Flash Gordon and other old cliffhanger serials and B westerns on Saturday mornings on TCM and old movies I will be a happy camper. And dark film noir movies from the 30’s thru the 50’s

  8. The original TBS anchor, Bill Tush, at one point had a German shepherd in a shirt and tie for a co-anchor.
    I remember the night Ted made his plea for a couple of dollars from anyone watching one of his movies. He was begging, and pulled in enough to stay on the air. They branched out into the first music videos, which were top 40 hits with dreadful video of couples taking long walks in parks. Colorized classic movies…oh dear. So many reasons to say good riddance.


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