Teddy Daniels For Congress Ad is Bold, Brash and Not at All Swampy

13 Comments on Teddy Daniels For Congress Ad is Bold, Brash and Not at All Swampy

  1. Sounds a lot like Clint Didier.

    FWIW, the NRA-ILA was 100% responsible for Dan Newhouse being in that House seat instead of Clint Didier and that is the arm of the NRA that calls harassing you for donations. Join and support the NRA, but only donate to their educational and competition programs. The NRA-ILA is worse than useless, they are the swamp personified. They may talk a good game, but when the chips are down they will dry shave us every chance they get.

  2. I think I’ll identify as a Penn resident in his district and vote for him. And my deceased parents will also.
    And my dog.

  3. @JDHASTY- the NRA is really ticking people off with the excessive phone calls. My precious little auntie, who doesn’t curse got so sick of them calling my uncle she told them, ” that SOB left me two weeks ago, if you find him, let me know!” They have not called back, and when she hung up my uncle asked, “who was that honey?”

  4. Wish he was in PA 05 since we have the blue lib named May Gay Scanlon who sits next to fat boy Jerry Nadler and uses her daddy’s money (husband) and legal connections to gain her seat. All the crazy blue soccer moms in DELCO need to wake up. Mary Gay Scanlon is an elitist jerk eating your lunch and making your children where masks for the benefit of Jerry and Nancy’s power trip.

  5. “It’s time for We the People to take our country back from corrupt swamp creatures in both parties.”

    Amen, brother!

    PA, elect this Patriot!

  6. Call me cynical and jaded beyond all belief, but I get a Stewart Rhodes vibe off this guy. He seems like exactly what an FBI psychologist would dream up for a Trumpster trap.


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