Teen Allegedly Posed as Doctor, Ran Medical Office

phony doctor 18yo florida

NBC– A South Florida teen has been arrested after authorities say he was posing as a doctor at an illegal medical office he ran.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says in a news release that 18-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson was arrested Tuesday and charged with practicing medicine without a license.  MORE

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  1. “Dr. Malachi A. Love-Robinson is a a well rounded professional that treats, and cares for patients, using a system of practice that bases treatment of physiological functions and abnormal conditions on natural laws governing the human body. Dr Love-Robinson utilizes physiological, psychological, and mechanical methods, such as air, water, light, heat, earth, phototherapy, food and herb therapy, psychotherapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, mechanotherapy, naturopathic corrections and manipulation, and natural methods or modalities, together with natural medicines, natural processed foods, and herbs and nature’s remedies.”

    Michelle Obama’s nephew?

  2. Since the M.D. scam didn’t work out, he’ll be prancing and flaming next to get the attention he craves. Mr. Love is several bricks shy of a load.

  3. Sounds similar to Frank Abignale, a real life con. In the book “catch me if you can”, Frank conned banks out of millions, flew around the world pretending to be a pan am pilot, practiced as a doctor for a year, practiced law in LA for a year. This kid probably watched the movie with dicaprio and Tom Hanks.

  4. Honestly people, just look at him. Really, this is the face of someone who went to medical school? Is this the haircut of someone who went to medical school? I simply don’t think some people are using any discernment at all.


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