Teen receives 30-day sentence for fatally shooting man and telling him, ‘That’s what you get!’


A judge sentenced a 17-year-old boy to 30 days in jail after he pleaded guilty to murder and other crimes.

Santiago Armijo of New Mexico will serve just one month in jail after killing a man. Armijo and a friend fatally shot the man in Albuquerque last year.

The teens were attempting to buy marijuana when Armijo shot Larry DeSantiago, 25, in the chest and killed him. Witnesses said they saw DeSantiago chase the pair to the top of a hill when Armijo fired off a shot and shouted, “That’s what you get!” They then ran away from the scene, but police caught them nearby.

District Court Judge Cristina Jaramillo sentenced Armijo to 30 days in jail and to supervised probation until he turns 21 on Thursday. Jaramillo chose the short jail sentence and treatment over holding Armijo in a juvenile detention center until he turns 21. read more

20 Comments on Teen receives 30-day sentence for fatally shooting man and telling him, ‘That’s what you get!’

  1. Clinton appointee, parents and family used to live in a boxcar (possible illegals). Quite the SJW. Just the person to be anywhere near judicial power.


  2. @anon. Your brain does not function as originally designed. You are defective.

    You assume that a criminal with a gun only shoots other criminals. No. They shoot anyone who encumbers them. Or innocent bystanders.

    Round these parts, you don’t get to be judge, jury and executioner.

  3. They relax the law on public defecation and you get more pooping.
    Relax the law on stealing and you get more shoplifting.

    What do you think will happen in this case?

  4. Yeh… the white folks long ago worked out laws against this kind of thing… against other whites who did this kind of thing. Whites didn’t lay law on browns unless the browns did something against a white. Brown on brown was ‘their business’. Still is, but now look at Chicago or this case, a brown hands out the sentence and it’s still’ ‘their business’. Except they’ve brought it to the white community now. The civilized areas are shrinking, the browns are rolling in and soon everyone will live as the browns do… except the wealthy whites.

  5. If it was self-defense, I have no problem with that.

    If he was just just shooting a drug dealer, I’m also Ok with that.

  6. Wow! Judge is putting the rest of the community at risk. This kid is going to be even more emboldened after this taste of blood and no repercussions for it.


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