Teen Vogue At It Again – Encourages and Teaches Teens To Cast Spells With Their Menstrual Blood


Even though it’s completely natural, modern society has stigmatized menstruation. We’ve all seen how that stigma is spread, from tampon commercials showing women discreetly discussing their periods to the way we hide our own menstruation when it’s our “time of the month.” Rather than play into this patriarchal shame, witches and other masters of magic believe menstruation is a gift from nature.

In witchcraft, one’s menstrual cycle is considered to be an extremely powerful time. Particularly when it lines up with full moon (though it should be noted that, scientifically speaking, the moon does not influence when you get your period), our menstrual cycles can connect our bodies to the universe, which is the intent of magic. So in that way, it’s true—periods are magic.

Here are some ways to use menstrual blood to create your own personal magic:

Menstrual blood can be used in spells to ward off evil and protect us, if used properly. Blue June, Host of “Mystic Witch” Podcast, suggests creating a witch bottle to repel negative vibes from others. “Collect any pieces of broken glass, tacks, nails, screws or anything else you’ve collected from your journeys that could injure you” in a mason jar with your menstrual blood (or a used tampon), Blue advised. Seal it tight and bury it near your home for protection from others.

Cleaning up Our Lives

Tarot reader, color magic practitioner, and curator Sarah Potter recommends using the potency of menstrual blood to simplify our lives, when cutting the cord from someone or something just won’t fix a problem. This means using it to banish anyone who’s causing us pain.

“Collect your menstrual blood and add a few drops to a small cup of water to use as ink to write a list of people or situations you wish to release from your life. When your list is completed, set it on fire and picture all of that negativity leaving your energetic field,” Potter said. “Afterwards, take a cleansing bath or shower and again picture the negative energy being whisked away from you and washing down the drain.”


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  1. A reason to not hang around with ‘Witchy Women’. Or at least not without sparkin’ one up first. Then it would make sense.

  2. …has it dawned on any of these witches, or Wicca, or whatever the hell they call themselves that you just don’t see witches running the world?

    …you would think the utter lack of empirical evidence that witchraft works and the demostrably false proposition that flinging blood around produces ANY improvement in their life whatsoever would be all it takes to convince them it’s a lie, but you know how Democrats are when they REALLY want to believe something…

  3. …and, I always have to throw this out there any time witches come up, there might be six people in the world who haven’t seen it yet…

    …one day, a man was out in the forest looking for a nice tree to hang himself on. It seems he had been fired for embezzling, his wife had left him, and he was about to get arrested.

    Suddenly, he came upon a clearing. In it was an old, decrepit house with and old, decrepit woman in front. She saw him and said,

    “I see you have many troubles. Know ye that I am a witch, mighty in the Coven of Hecuba, and I can do much with just a word of a spell. Tell me then your troubles, and I will tell you my price.”

    He had nothing to lose, so he did, and said “I have no money, so I can’t meet any price.”

    But then she bowed her legs, breifly uncrossed her eyes, and intoned, “ZORCH! Your company’s money is back in the bank! YVENTES! The warrant has been vacated! ZOLLA MONTA! Your wife is back home with love in her heart!”

    He boggled at her, and said “but I can not pay!

    She told him “I need no money, BUT these things will pass away if you do not make love to me for an hour. THAT is my price!

    She looked bad, smelled bad, and had leaky warts, but he thought “well, for all THAT, I can do what I gotta do to and imagine whatever to get it up. Its only an hour.”

    …an hour later, he rose from her slimy embrace, threw up a little, then dressed to go home.

    As he was leaving, she asked him “Sonny, how old are you?”

    He answered, “39. Why do you ask?

    She rolled her eyes and smiled, and said “Aren’t you a little old to be believing in witches?”

  4. …I wonder if Sarah Potter changed her last name because she thinks she’s married to Harry on another plane…

    …N.B. to young Vogue readers: Harry Potter is NOT a documentary…

  5. This sounds like a great way to confuse the minds of young people to block learning about reality and how it works. It is hard enough to get over your childish imaginings without having “adults” tell you they are real. They will also tell you that boys are girls and babies are rats and children are sex toys.

  6. (I clicked on the link… Where was my trigger warning?)

    I have a pee cycle. I drink, the drink disappears, then miraculously appears again elsewhere with stunning regularity. There’s got to be some kind of good magic spell that can be done with this.

  7. The sad irony is that people will choose to believe in anything so ridiculous — magic, witches, global warming, (many times failed) socialism, and so on, but cannot bring themselves to read the Bible, look at the evidence of its truth in the historical record and believe in someone as rational as Jesus Christ. To those people, it’s a bridge too far. It must have something to do with having to obey.

  8. Nothing dispels the stigma of the menstrual cycle like telling girls the blood can put people under a spell. Should parents start buying teen girls a cauldron as well?

  9. The filthy disgusting shits also plant their used tampons around. It is some sort of passive aggressive shit they pull. Trust me there is no limit to the filth and degeneracy they are capable of.

  10. One bright “spot” is that they do not even bother
    to hide their demonic roots.
    These creatures are sworn to bring ruin and evil
    to our young. Be aware and keep your kids close
    to God and protect them as best you can by talking
    to them about what is happenening and teaching them
    to stay on the right path.


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