Teleprompter Joe

The Trump campaign released an ad that shows how Joe Biden is relying on a teleprompter, even during “spontaneous interviews and Q&As.”

Not only is it alarming that Joe needs help in that regard, it also means there is a conspiracy between the Biden campaign and the media.

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  1. How long before Biden’s handlers demand that his debate questions have “yes” or “no” answers.

    Harris Pike 2020

  2. Good as I’m fully expecting Joe is going to have some excuse to do a virtual debate so his staff can teleprompter it for him. And staying up late last night clearly did poor Joe in as it is Jill out on the trail today alone.

  3. I’ve thought about making a “Sad Joe” with his brain falling out of his hand but I don’t wanna be doxed by the Dems for being too mean. AntiFa is too close thank you very much.

  4. “Firstly, the GOP is lying when they say I depend on a teleprompter. Secondly… low battery warning…”

    – Joe Biden

  5. I sent a meme pic of kamala harris in gmail that had a pic of her and it said her indian name is Spread Eagle.

    One half hour later i looked at my sent items and that email is not there. Google scrubbed it from my email account. This just happened this afternoon.

    Shit is getting serious, boys and girls. They are going full nazi brown shirt on us. I’m not kidding. This really happened to me this afternoon.

  6. I’m watching Joe Pedo taking more than one question right now at his press conference. He’s outta his mind. And he just lied about PRESIDENT Trump telling people to drink bleach. What a demented asshole.


  7. It’s not about biden. It’s about that insane, treasonous slut harris who would be president if Biden is elected.

  8. She is not American Indian, her mother is from India. So she is not an Indian as the word is used colloquially in the United States. As in belonging to a tribe.

  9. Yes, the new meme – this is the Harris – Biden ticket. They are openly admitting that KamelToe Harris will be running things

  10. RAF
    SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 AT 5:16 PM
    “Yes, the new meme – this is the Harris – Biden ticket. They are openly admitting that KamelToe Harris will be running things”

    …Harris will do as she’s TOLD, just like Biden is. Soros will be running the Country, Kamila won’t be running anything but her mouth.

    Which is what they’re paying her for, actually.

    Running her mouth.

    And she must be GOOD at it, too, or so Willie Brown seemed to think…–0AKp3FI/AAAAAAACU2s/5TPz7dk7mqEU_94z-jSWI3wke–c7Nj_gCLcBGAs/s1600/11whore.jpg

  11. Johnny, I think we grossed my mother in law out when we watched Police Academy back in the mid 80’s. She was not amused, maybe we shouldn’t have watched that particular scene or walked away. And by the way that wasn’t Leslie Nielsen.

  12. why isn’t anyone bringing up Anchor Baby Harris’ ineligibility to be VP?

    the commi’rats throw everything against the wall; throw it back!

  13. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ – I hope you are being sarcastic. When will anything like that ever be mentioned when it is on the left?


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