Book: ‘Mean-Girl Culture’ Was Rampant In Obama White House


A tell-all book about President Obama’s White House, written by a former staffer, contains some juicy details.

EW reports that in former Obama stenographer Beck Dorey-Stein’s new book titled, “From the Corner of the Oval: A Memoir,” she writes about a “mean-girl culture” being “alive and well among the group.”

Dorey-Stein also writes about how the Secret Service would rent out “entire floors of luxury hotels and apartments while POTUS is on the road,” EW also reports.    MORE


SNIP: The reviews at Amazon sound like her friends wrote them.

13 Comments on Book: ‘Mean-Girl Culture’ Was Rampant In Obama White House

  1. Another gossip rag to turn a buck. Who needs it, we can guess the kind of debauchery that went on with those people and the money squandering was epic.

  2. As always, corporate culture flows down from the top — OBumbles was the chief “mean girlie”….

  3. Yet another NON-WORKING link to a website that FORCES you to pay to read their cut-n-paste TRASH from other people.

    That used to be called plagiarism, but nowadays its just called “good reporting” by taking credit for doing “your” job with someone else’s work.

    PLEASE STOP LINKING TO THAT POS SITE…..or AT LEAST let everyone know on your front-page that the link goes to that POS site.

    Thank you,
    climbing down off my soap box now….

  4. The most prominent “mean girl” in that administration was the flapping eared bozo in the oval office. The one that likes getting boned in the ass.

  5. The publisher’s and “critics'” descriptions of the content remind me of the inane satire of the narrator at the ending of the film M*A*S*H. Describing one of the most dire places in one of the most dire places: “…Follow the zany antics of our combat surgeons as they cut and stitch their way along the front lines; operating as bombs and bullets burst around us, snatching laughs and loves in between amputations and penicillin…”

  6. There was a lot of tension between the Beer Pong faction and the Mean Girl faction. The throw-downs on the Quad must have been epic.

  7. I went to Amazon and read what is available. It’s a slobber fest about Obama and all the people who worked for him. The mean girls reference is literally about the other women she worked with.
    The epilogue is about her working for Trump and how it’s a pit of snakes and that the pictures on the hallway walls are no longer of Obama shaking hands with foreign leaders but of disabled veterans and military personnel and children and she calls them sad and pathetic. She laments that the parking lot is not long full of Priuses but now it’s full of Mercedes and Maseratis.
    She is far too over descriptive. She writes things like, “…I closed the wooden door.” Poorly written and obviously for those who wish Obama could be a lifetime dictator….I mean POTUS.

  8. Any female who is not part of the in crowd who has spent time in San Francisco, Seattle or Portland can tell you what despicable, rotten nasty cunts lib chicks are

  9. Oh great, another book I would never buy by some twit who was surprised by the machinations of the Obozo regime. Give us a break. We have had more than enough of Obozo and his minions. It will take decades for this country to recover his ineptitude.


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